FilmoraGo User Guide

Add/Remove Effect

If you want to make your videos more stunning and eye-catching, adding cool effects is a good choice. Creative effects can take your videos to the next level. Here’s how to add effects to videos in FilmoraGo.

Add Effects to Videos

To add effects to videos with FilmoraGo, you can follow these steps:

1. Enter the video editing interface and drag the video on the timeline to make the playhead stay at where you want to add an effect.

2. Tap the Effect icon. Then you can see lots of chic effects. Select one and tap it to see the effect.

3. You can view the effect in the preview window. If you think it's right for your video, tap the tick icon to apply it.

Remove Effects

If you want to remove the added effects, tap Effect again. Select the effect you want to delete, and tap the Delete icon to remove it.

Favorite Effects

Just like favorite filters, you can also add your favorite effects to the Favourite directory. Long press one you like, and it will be automatically added to the directory.

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