Filmora for Mobile User Guide

Add/Edit/Change Text

Text plays a vital role in highlighting key features or essential points that urge viewers or the audience to notice your video regarding brand marketing or video making. With availability to various font styles, here is how to add text to your videos with FilmoraGo.

Add Text to Videos

FilmoraGo makes it easy to add text or titles to videos. Follow these steps:

1. Enter the video editing interface and drag the video on the timeline to make the playhead stay at where you want to add text. Then tap the Text icon and select Add.

2. On the provided text field, enter the text you want to add to the video. Once entered, tap the Tick icon to proceed.

3. The text is now added to the clip. You can move the text as you want to align it with the particular scene as desired.

The added text will appear on the timeline from where you can hold or stretch the handle or pointer until the text appears on the scene.

Edit the Added Text

If you want to edit the added text, select it and tap the Edit icon. Then modify the text in the text field and tap the Tick icon to complete the editing.

Change the Style of Text

To change the style (layout, font, size, color, etc.) of text, do like this:

1. Select the text and tap the Style.

2. In the Style section, you can change the font, layout and spacing.

3. Tap the “Color Disc” icon, and you are able to change the color of text or add border and shadow to text.

4. Tap the Animation icon, there are multiple animation effects you can choose to add to your text, such as down roll, zoom in, zoom out, and more.

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