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Vlogger story: How Youtuber Rimorav Vlogs Grow

2021-06-23 21:39:01

Rimorav is an official YouTube channel run by three friends Rishi, Mohena, and Gaurav.

The trip lives in Mumbai and is BFFs. They live a fun life and enjoy everything that they do with each other. What’s the best thing about Rimorav vlogs is you get to see their strong friendship. You will never find them disrespecting the other.

The level of co-operation that these three have is ideal. This is what makes RI vlogs so popular. The three friends seem to enjoy the presence of each other. They handle everything with complete ease.

The way they respond to the arrogance and hate speeches is a thing to adore. Rimorav has become one of the top YouTube channels in India.

They launched their channel on 6th December 2017. Rimorav uploads challenge, prank, and surprise videos.

How do Rimorav Vlogs Grow?

There are various reasons why Rimorav vlogs are so popular among viewers. The channel has seen steady growth. Let’s take a quick look at the reasons that led to the growth of this channel.

1. Posting Multiple Times a Week:

One of the reasons behind its growth was the channel posted videos multiple times a week. This helps in building an audience.

Regularly posting multiple videos every week will raise the channel algorithm.

2. Each Video has an Interesting Hook:

How you attract the viewers and hook them to your content is up to you. Rimorav created interesting videos on quirky challenges.

A stunning result makes people interested to check out the video you posted. Their videos have a story that piques the interest of the viewers.

People are greatly attracted to stories. As they start a video with some funny dialogues, viewers naturally want to stick around to find out what really happens.

3. Keep the Opening Credits and Titles Short:

Viewers have a short attention span. So a long credit sequence or a title at the start of the video might cause them to lose interest. Rimorav appears to be aware of this.

So, they make sure to keep the title and the opening credits in the Rimorav vlogs short. Instead, they make their title and credit punchy and short.

4. Creates Long Videos for Improving Watch Time:

Even though they keep the credits short, they make the video content long. However, they make sure that it makes sense. Considering the short attention span of viewers, long videos might seem counterintuitive.

Sure shorter videos are considered better but in present times, longer videos seem to be equating more watch time.

5. Prank and Challenge Videos:

Rimorav vlogs primarily focus on prank and challenge videos.

Prank videos are mainly social experiments that are done by the creators of their friends, family, or strangers. The videos are shot from a great distance. This is how the channels earn millions of subscribers. Challenge videos are also quite funny and intriguing to watch.

All these reasons combined have led to the growth of the channel Rimorav vlogs.

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