10 Best ASMR Vloggers You Might Be Interested In

2021-06-23 21:24:15

YouTube is flooded with ASMR videos, but not all channels are good enough. So, here we are going to list the top 10 ASMR vloggers on YouTube.

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1.  ASMR Darling

She is one of the top ASMR vloggers and has more than 2 million subscribers.

She describes ASMR as the euphoric, tingly, and calming feeling you get when it gets triggered. Her videos include basic make-up role-play.

However, there are a few videos that promise intense sound created by mouth that helps in falling asleep. Her videos offer 20-30 triggers that can help you fall asleep.

2.  Gentle Whisper

Even though she has only a few subscribers in comparison to other vloggers, she is the one who speaks in a Russian accent in a soft voice.

Maria is the incontestable ASMR vlogger of mainstream media. Various publications like CNBC, New Yorker, and The Washington Post have covered her story and approach to ASMR.

3.  Gibi ASMR

She is an ASMR creator who has close to 2 million subscribers and calls herself Jibby. At times, she takes a humorous and playful approach in her videos. For example, in a video, you will find this ASMR vlogger wearing black lipstick and a green wig as she imitates a flight attendant who is taking the viewer overseas.

4.  ASMR Glow

Sharon Dubois is the creator of this channel. Born on 4 March 1994, she is a makeup artist and has been addicted to ASMR for a long time. She currently has 1.42 million subscribers on YouTube. She creates videos including mic scratching, echoes, whispers, jewelry sounds, etc. Her tutorials are inspired by Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

5.  Latte ASMR

A Korean woman, Latte, uploads videos, featuring makeup, haircuts, and various other salon services in her videos. You will also find videos featuring nurse or doctor visits, in which different treatments or exams are performed by this ASMR vlogger. You will find ear cleaning, ear brushing, and ear makeup in her videos. However, some of her videos are in Korean and Japanese.

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6.  TirarADeguello

Another one of the ASMR vloggers who is quite popular is TirarADeguello. In his videos, he speaks in a whisper about and aliens and spirits. Often, he puts on masks and makes noises using latex gloves. He has already uploaded a wide range of videos on his channels.

Among them, you will find a video in which he fixes Woody from the movie, Toy Story. Another of his videos runs for over 3 hours and is called ‘Infinity Time Loop ASMR’. You will find plenty of videos that will help you relax from this ASMR vlogger.

7.  ASMRTheChew

Some people cannot tolerate the sound of chewing. However, if you enjoy it, you need to check out ASMRTheChew. He munches down candy apples, peeps marshmallow candies, dill pickles, and many more. He is a unique ASMR vlogger.

8.  Ephemeral Rift

This is an artist who has been creating ASMR videos since 2011. So, he had enough time to create a whole range of videos, including sound-only ASMR, traditional ASMR, role-plays, or character performance. However, one of the most unique parts of his videos is the Rift World.

In these, he adds storylines and characters created by artists who have some relationship to the actual works of fiction. Ephemeral Rift adds a sense of humor to his videos and still manages to keep a straight face.

9.  ASMR Hiking

Do you like hearing the leaving crunching under the feet or the sound of gravel? Then check out the videos of ASMR Hiking. Here, you will get to see videos of nature and hear birds chirping, water flowing, and various other outdoor noises.

10.  ASMR Magic

You can tap into the ASMR Magic channel without talking. She is a British ASMR vlogger who creates high-quality videos that are dedicated to whispers and binaural sounds. These have been designed to make you feel relaxed. Thus, it will make you fall asleep much more easily. You can choose from a plethora of videos created by the ASMR vlogger.


Watching these ASRM vloggers do their things is a great way to relax. You can take inspiration and create your own ASMR channel, too.

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