Best Selfie Camera: Choose Different Cameras for Different Scenes

2021-04-15 11:24:32

Selfie is a significant debut in the realm of photography. Whether it’s the front or rear camera, hands are outstretched,  smiles wide, and click! A monumental reflection of memories.

However, indecisive moments to choose share-worthy snapshot amongst hundreds is inevitable to very human. 

Although certain external factors by their nature impeccable lighting play a role in clicking a superb selfie, the selfie camera calls the shot in the outcome of a good photo.

Be it a video or a picture, every genre requires a specific signature camera. A DSLR camera won’t deliver an instant print-out of your snapshot compared to a polaroid camera. Hence, particular scenery requires a specific camera for its purpose.

Pore over this article for the best-varied selfie camera for different scenes.

  1. Selfie Camera for Sports scenes
  2. Selfie Camera for Daily videos
  3. Selfie Camera for Special date

Part1.  Selfie Camera for Sports scenes

Taping a sports activity or clicking a selfie single-handedly is underrated. People shy away from taking a selfie camera alongside sports gear.

A sports camera is the best choice for swimming, skiing, surfing, and even rock climbing.

Let’s dive into few sports and the cameras suitable for each sport.

1. Water-based Sport.

Taping whilst underneath water might seem preposterous but isn’t unachievable. Vacations and trips to the beach shouldn’t be boring with no fun nostalgic memories.

For instance, water-based sports recording, swimming, surfing, and diving, covet a camera unaffected by water damage.

Waterproof action cameras are ideal for capturing beautiful underwater scenery with excellent proficiency. 

Examples of waterproof cameras suitable for water sports scenes are the GoPro Hero action camera and DJI Osmo action camera.

  • GoPro Hero action camera.

GoPro Hero action camera delivers an effortless, hands-free water capturing experience. 

Highly waterproof down to 33 feet, GoPro Hero 9 shoots Livestream with a stunning 5k resolution and a 20MP highly defined photo translucency. 

  • DJI Osmo Action Camera

DJI Osmo action camera is 36ft underwater waterproof, with 145 degrees wide-angle, 12MP sensor to shoot 4k HDR footage.

Temperature resistant with versatile battery function, the DJI Osmo camera allows you to capture stunning underwater scenes in a slow-motion resolution.

2. Skateboarding, rock climbing, running sport.

Wielding a camera whilst rock climbing might appear risky. However, with the right camera strapped in place, your adventures can be hassle-free. 

Documenting your skateboarding tricks and running styles necessitate a 360-degree panorama, and the camera insta360 is the ideal camera for the aforementioned sport.

  • The Insta360 Camera is a versatile and easy-to-use sport, as mentioned earlier, with a 360 degree capturing every direction. 

Part2.  Selfie Camera for Daily videos

If you are a beginner at creating daily videos, for instance; 

1 A cooking, makeup or dress-up video, an anti-shake and pixel camera function is a necessity.

An anti-shake system counteracts redundant camera movement whilst shooting to avoid blurry shots, while pixels are crucial for a better image resolution.

A cost-effective camera with both functions is the Panasonic Lumix Gx85 camera which captures moments in 4k hybrid performance. 

Compact and lightweight with a 16-megapixel sensor and anti-shake control for pro-quality vlogging.

2. Another instance of a daily video could be vlogs. Shooting a daily vlog requires a lightweight, portable camera to haul anywhere.

You wouldn’t want to carry a whole movie video camera to vlog vacations or trips.

 A suitable camera for daily vlogs is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II, with powerful capturing abilities in pro-quality. 

Compact and lightweight, the Powershot G7 X Mark II features a 1.0 inch, 20.1 megapixel CMOS sensor to record or click daily moments in high-definition. 

Part3.  Selfie Camera for Special date

A special date occasionally necessitates unplugging from smartphones,  the world and going retro. 

Rather than losing favorite moments from your smartphone, a pinned snapshot of a particular date on your bedroom wall highlights a reminiscing smile on your face.

An instant camera is an embodiment of perfect memories.

Ideal for a particular date, an instant camera captures special moments aesthetically with a bonus cue to create scrapbooks portraying snapshots of nostalgic moments.

Three instant cameras you can bring along on a date are: 

1.  Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is an ideal selfie camera automatic-shooting exposure system camera with a shutter speed of 1/250 sec. 

Equipped with a macro lens adapter for close-up snaps within 35-50 cm, inclusive is a 62x46 picture size.


  • Inexpensive 
  • The close-up focus for selfies.


  • Blurry and overexposed snapshots when closing up to bright light.

Price: $59.00

2.  Lomography Lomo' Instant Wide.

Lomo' Instant Wide allows you to capture your favorite fun times with its in-built programmatic shutter.

Additional color gel filter accessory for an artistic snapshot flair. An iconic selfie mirror for stunning selfies regardless of the lighting condition.


  • Large Instax Wide Film
  • Vast exposure ability.
  • Great additional accessories.


  • Sturdy to hold.

Price: $75.00

3.  Polaroid Originals OneStep+

A Bluetooth-connected instant camera for complete manual control alongside double lenses; a standard and a portrait lens. 

Unique polaroid format, including a self-timer for stunning photography.


  • Simple to use.
  • Functional color and monochrome films.


  • Pricey film

Price: $176.00


The next best thing after clicking a selfie or recording is editing. Recorded footage is not flawless. Bloopers and unnecessary time frame ruins the fun in a video. 

Nevertheless, you can salvage your videos with an excellent video editor.

A widely popular video editor is FilmoraGo. The majority of the cameras, as mentioned earlier, are highly compatible with iPhones. 

Instantly record, edit and share
every beautiful moment in life.
Install FilmoraGo Now!

Transfer your footage to your iPhone and edit with FilmoraGo. An easy-to-use video editor with a high-quality camera function in the absence of an external camera.

Edit your videos with chic filters, animated stickers and text, cinematic effects, and modern music to add a groove to your footage.

FilmoraGo further procures powerful editing tools to cut out bloopers, merge, split or duplicate videos.

Conclusion: Rather than sticking to one camera for every experience and adventure, probably your smartphone, create unforgettable memories with different cameras for different scenes.

The world is your runway. Strut it and click a selfie.

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