10 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone in 2023

2023-02-24 15:28:05

    How to Edit Videos on My iPhone? Which is the Best Video Editing App for iPhone? With the help of iPhone video editing apps, you can conveniently edit professional videos on an iPhone.

    However, with so many editing applications on the internet, it might be difficult to find the ones that are worth your money and time. But you can find the right video editing app for you through the following iPhone video editing application list.

    These days, iPhone video editing apps aren’t just used by professionals, they are being used by everybody. Anyone who wants to make their videos look better is using iPhone video editing apps. 

    If you are using an iPhone, you will find lots of apps on the internet claiming to be the best video editing app for iPhone. Often, these are more efficient, faster, and intuitive than desktop tools. With these iPhone video editing apps, it is easier to perform video editing tasks.  

    However, choosing the best video editing app for iPhone can be overwhelming. But don’t fret!

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    Here is a list of the top iPhone video editing apps in 2023. 

    1. Wondershare FilmoraGo

    With FilmoraGo, you can effortlessly edit your videos on the iPhone. Your videos will look like they have been created by artists. It supports more than 10,000 songs. Out of these, more than 800 songs are available for free download. The app automates the video. Thus, you can select the appropriate segments you require and allow the app to take care of the rest. Both professionals and beginners can use this iPhone video editing app.


    • Free to download and free to use
    • Full-featured editing app
    • The app offers aesthetic materials that you can use on the video
    • Allows you to import custom music to add to the video, supports 10000+ copyright-free music library.


    • New effects that are added frequently as for paid plans

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    2. KineMaster

    KineMaster is available for professional use. The iPhone video editing app comes with high-end features, such as chroma keying, blending modes, and audio mixing. With this, you can shoot, edit, and export the footage of the phone through a multi-layer interface. It is packed with advanced features, such as precise volume control, edit previews, and speed controls. Using this, you can export your video directly to YouTube. If you are looking for a professional video editing tool, this can be the ideal choice. 


    • Allows you to add text, images, and multi-track record
    • It comes with 3D transitioning features
    • Users can enjoy precision control
    • Videos can be exported and edited at up to 4K


    • The free version adds a watermark to the video

    3. Videorama

    This is one of the top iPhone video editing apps. For editing, it will ask you to choose from 3 different orientations, square, portrait, and landscape. It lets you download free photos and videos from Pixabay to use on the video. You can create 720p videos with the free version. It is mostly used by beginners. 


    • Easy to use and slick video editor
    • Great filters and text effects
    • Good range of fun SFX and VFX


    • The free version creates videos in 720p only
    • Watermark is added in the free version

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    4. iMovie

    iMovie is the best video editing app for iPhone available for free. It is already included in iOS hardware. The app might be a long way from becoming a professional tool like KineMaster, but it is just perfect for beginners. It lets you add voiceovers, music, and titles without any hassle. What’s best is it supports 4K video. So, it integrates with the Apple ecosystem beautifully. 


    • Perfect editing tool for beginners
    • Support 4K videos
    • Has 8 themes with matching transitions, titles, and music
    • Supports automated video editing


    • Doesn’t have enough features

    6. LumaFusion

    LumaFusion is largely used by professionals, such as filmmakers, journalists, and video producers for capturing and editing video on the go. One of the most striking features of the video editing app is the features can be keyframed. Other advanced features are color-correction, overwrite capability, lossless export, fully-featured audio mixer, and many more. It also provides endless exporting and sharing options. 


    • Offers advanced features like overwriting and color correcting
    • Doesn’t require a subscription
    • Endless export and sharing options


    • Doesn’t yet have the synching between device features

    7. Movavi Clips

    This is a lightweight app that makes it possible to edit videos on the iPhone. Using this, you can make all purposes video, personal and business. It has royalty-free tracks that you can add to your videos. The app allows you to set the duration for each file. With this, you can add your own logo to the final video. 


    • Offers basic, as well as professional video editing features
    • Allows you to add a logo to the resulting video
    • Comes with voice-over features and lets you adjust the record volume


    • Has watermark in the final video’s corner in the free version

    8. Quick App

    Need a quick edit? Use the Quik app on the iPhone. With this, you can capture, edit, and post a video in no time. The app has especially been designed for Instagrammers. It has an automatic editing feature. Yet, you can make some changes on your own. 


    • Edits videos quickly
    • Has 28 different video styles
    • Can edit videos automatically


    • Gives little control to the users

    9. Splice

    If you are looking for an all-purpose video editing app, this is it. The app is quite similar to iMovie. Splice provides multiple effects, video tracks, and songs for free. But what is best is you can use the features or sync them with the iTunes library. 


    • Easy to import and edit videos
    • Used to add documentary-style effects
    • Can be synced with the iTunes library


    • Potential copyright problems with in-app audios

    10. Apple Clips

    Want a family video editing app? This can be your go-to choice as it is one of the best iPhone video editing apps. Share and send video messages with the free app. You can create video stories with animated text, filters, emoji, and animated text. The app primarily targets children and families. This is the reason it is not as powerful as the other video editing apps. So, it is great for beginners.


    • free-to-use application
    • comes with an easy-to-use interface 
    • Doesn’t require you to have video editing skills


    • Not as powerful as other video editing apps

    Final Words

    These are the 10 best iPhone video editing apps that are available for free. Every app comes with its unique features. However, if you ask us to choose one, we will surely go for FilmoraGo. Apart from offering all the required functionalities, it is easy to use. So, even if you are a beginner, you can use this professional video editing tool. 

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