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Vlogger Story - How J House Vlogs Became Famous

2021-06-23 18:02:31

Let’s talk about J House Vlogs which were started by a couple, back in 2014, who have a great passion for filming. 

The idea was to put their family life out there to influence people positively by spreading virtues like love and affection through their videos.

  1. What is J House Vlogs
  2. How Much Money Do J House Vlogs Make
  3. Make Vlogs on Your iPhone

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1. What is J House Vlogs?

J House Vlogs are basically family vlogs that are created by a family of five; a husband and wife along with their five kids. Their content revolves around family life that depicts a home filled with love and care. 

Through JHouse vlogs, they try to play a positive role in the community by focusing on learning, serving and playing together as a family. 

They initiated their journey back in 2014 when Jeremy (the husband) brought his passion for film to life. Little did they know how big it was going to become. 

Videos on the J House Vlogs are updated weekly and their content is majorly based on the daily life events that they experience together as a family. 

Their vlogs manage to gain thousands and millions of views within hours of uploading, from different parts of the world. 

J House vlogs have content for a vast range of audiences as family life is a crucial part of most people’s lives. 

The vlogs have also imparted a sentimental element into people’s minds who watch their videos on a regular basis and people can associate with them in many ways.

What is loved most about the vlogs is that they promote and encourage the value of family bonding. 

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2. How much money do J House Vlogs make?

With 2.28 Million subscribers currently, J House Vlogs have earned huge love and respect from around the world with a lot of people enjoying and praising their content.

Back in 2014, the annual earnings of J House Vlogs amounted to between $191,000-$3.1 million which by now must have multiplied manifold owing to the huge fan base and viewership that the family vlogs have. 

The best part about J House Vlogs is that a lot of people can relate to them and this is what makes it most enjoyable for most people. 

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3. Make Vlogs on your iPhone

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