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Vlogger Story: Ivana Alawi - The Top YouTube Vlogger You Can Learn From

2021-04-15 11:28:57

From her catching eyes to her alluring personality, Ivana Alawi has been winning the hearts of many since she has started entertaining on her YouTube channel.

If you are a vlogger or like discovering lifestyle vlogs, this blog series is for you. We have gathered all the information related to this influencer, boasting millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

  1. Who is Ivana Alawi, and When Did She Start Vlogging?
  2. What is Ivana Alawi’s Vlog Style?
  3. Lessons to Learn from Ivana’s Vlogs

1.  Who is Ivana Alawi, and When Did She Start Vlogging?

Ivana Alawi’s real name is Mariam Al-Alawi. It was her manager – Perry Lansigan’s idea to come up with the idea of a unique screen name for popularity. Born on December 25, 1996, Alawi is a famous Morrocan-Filipino actress and model along with a recognized YouTube influencer. 

She gained popularity through her social media platform on Instagram, where she created an online portfolio of her modeling and acting stints. She has nearly 12.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.7 million followers on her Instagram.

The actress appeared as the cover girl for Playboy magazine in October 2018 and soon created a strong modeling portfolio. Keeping modeling aside, she has also appeared in both minor and major roles in television especially in “Sino ang Maysala”: Mea Culpa” – one of ABS-CBN’s drama-thriller television series in 2019. 

She started vlogging in the same year, 2019 which focused on her family and friends featuring makeup ideas and tutorials. Her fans love her for her picture-perfect body and lovely photos.

2.  What is Ivana Alawi’s Vlog Style?

With over 10 million subscribers, Ivana Alawi’s YouTube channel became one of the top ones. Her fans and subscribers warmly welcomed all her vlogs ever since she has started uploading them.

She began uploading the video in 2019 and since then her fans wait for her video to be uploaded. Her vlogs feature different kinds of activities revolving around friends and family. Some of her vlogs include traveling, different forms of challenges, mukbangs, and her daily life routine, especially featuring her mother and sister. She has also collaborated with several different co-YouTubers due to which she keeps trending on No,1 on the YouTube platform. 

Her performance on camera is casual, natural, and friendly with her fans due to which she is most loved by her subscribers. She makes sure she remains true to herself and focuses on keeping her vlogs original, rather than copying someone else’s persona. That is the main reason, her personality has outshined.

When Ivana Alawi creates her vlogs, she makes sure of customization and full vlog editing. She prefers a suitable camera, lighting, the proper set position of the lens, font/text, and one of the best video editing software tools. She labels her vlogs with exciting photos, texts, fonts, filters, transitions and various effects to entice and hook her audience.

3.  Lessons to Learn from Ivana’s Vlogs

If you are a lifestyle vlogger, you can take inspiration from Ivana Alawi’s vlogs and come up with an interesting vlog and YouTube channel of your own. However, you should consider keeping a few things in mind before creating your vlogs. 

  • Have a DSLR or HD Camera for your vlogs

You can also start from your iPhone camera if you do not own a professional one. Also, it is not necessary to have a DSLR or an HD camera for your vlogs. However, it depends on the vlogging content. If you have a good budget, you should definitely explore the market for good cameras. 

  • Good lighting will make you look good in your vlog

To set up decent lighting, you have several lighting options to choose from. However, the ideal lighting is always the one that comes naturally, so you can set the camera at the perfect natural lighting spot. If you do not have such an area, you can opt for fill lights. They are powerful lights, having the ability to create the lighting effect directly on the subject’s face. 

One of the most important things that all vloggers need is the video editing tool. Out of the many software tools, seasoned vloggers highly recommend using FilmoraGo video editor.

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It has a very easy-to-use interface with hundreds of effects, filters, text and font styles, transitions, sounds, music, and several other amazing features. If you want to create exceptional vlogs for your audience, download FilmoraGo today.

Now that you know what Ivana Alawi does to create her vlogs, you can also take inspiration, consider all that she does and start your own channel.

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