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Japanese Vlogs: 5 Best J-Vloggers in 2023

2023-02-24 15:31:21

Japanese Vlogs have always been a category that has attracted much attention.

Yep, Japan is a country that people want to learn more about. People are leveraging this tool smartly to make Japan's life been heard out in the world through videos.

Nevertheless, if you intend to become a vlogger, you need to look at these Japanese vlogs that have come far through their content and are worth following:

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1.  WAO RYU! Only In Japan

John Daub, creator of the YouTube channel named ‘Only in Japan’ began to vlog back in 2013. With 1.4 million subscribers the vlogs created for this channel receive great attention. These Japanese vlogs mainly revolve around highlighting the key places to visit in Japan, in a very entertaining manner. Moreover, the vlogs shed light on the features of the country that make it unique.

The channel is updated every month or two with interesting videos for the audiences to watch and gets average views of around 20k per video!

2. Hiroyuki of a Master Sushi Chef

Hiroyuki Terada is a Japanese chef who formerly owned the restaurant ‘Nove Kitchen and Bar’ in Miami, Florida. Following his passion for cooking, he made a big name for himself. He also has a great social media following with 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel who enjoy his videos on cooking diaries regularly.

The channel is updated quite frequently with at least 3 to 5 videos uploaded every week.

3.  Life Where I’m From

Established in 2015, this YouTube channel features the daily life of Aiko and Chin who are half Canadian and half Japanese. With 2 Japanese vlogs uploaded every week on the channel, the vloggers have managed to achieve 1.42 million subscribers to date.

4. Rachael and Jun

A married Japanese-American couple named Rachael and Jun vlog about their lives and Japan in particular.

What’s unique about these Japanese vlogs is the content the couple makes videos about.

The vlogs have their focus laid on Japanese culture and society as well as on the conflicting perceptions between Japanese and westerners.

The couple has gained 1.5 million subscribers with a total of 198 vlogs uploaded on their channel!

5. Kimon Mom

Kimono Mom is an emerging Vlogger with 768k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She began vlogging 5 months ago and her videos are mostly based on daily Japanese food and sometimes also feature her daughter in it.

The Japanese vlogs are updated monthly and are appreciated by a lot of people.

The average views range between 200-800k in general.

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Having a look at the above-mentioned Japanese vlogs can help as a guide in making you learn a lot if you are aspiring to be a vlogger. You’ll get to know what type of content to create and how to capture it well in a way that is entertaining and enjoyable for the people.

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