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Makeup Vlog Tips: 10 Ways to Glam Up Your Beauty Vlog

2021-06-23 21:47:13

Makeup vlogging is an exciting new industry with new enthusiasts popping up every day. Since such videos have a huge viewership they ought to be perfect.

These tips will boost your beauty vlogs and can get you higher views. 

  1. Use Quality Lighting
  2. Choose a Mono Color Background
  3. Use a Camera with a Flip Screen
  4. Be Clear and Concise
  5. Be Yourself
  6. Come up with Unique Videos
  7. Create Your Identity
  8. Invest In Your Equipment and Products
  9. Market Your Vlogging Channel
  10. Use a Reliable Editing Software

1.Use quality lighting

The light you are using to film a makeup vlog has to be perfect in all ways so that it enhances your makeup without making it look too heavy. 

Using LEDs and reflectors will make your makeup pop. Most YouTubers use ring lights while filming their videos because it has many benefits.

LED light is capable of mimicking natural daylight and gives a soft radial glow with a 54000k temperature. 

The most crucial part about lighting is its position. Remember to position your lights to not only capture your makeup but also all of your beauty.

Hence, you can use a three-point lighting strategy by forming a triangle with your lights.

An LED ring light is the ideal kind of light that you should be using as it is closest to natural light. 

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2.Choose a mono color background

Another important thing that matters the most for beauty vlogs is the background that you shoot the video in front of: 

Choose a single color.
Avoid using a color similar to your clothes
Keep the background light and subtle; for example, beige. 
Using dark colors like black will undermine the process of filming as it pushes away the soft elements to the background. 


3.Use a camera with a flip screen

Using a camera with a flip screen for beauty vlogs will help you adjust your angle while applying the makeup. 

A flip screen makes it easier for you to reposition and center yourself while vlogging. 

4.Be clear and concise

Most makeup tutorials require verbal instructions to make it easy for viewers to understand the steps. Some makeup vloggers choose to instruct in the videos while some of them choose to do a voiceover afterward. 

You can choose either but remember to be clear and audible enough for the audience to understand. Additionally, take care not to speak too fast as that will make enunciating harder.

5.Be yourself

Never try so hard to be someone you are not. Try to film videos in a relaxed manner and just be yourself. Understand your audience and be comfortable with that. If your discomfort and nervousness show on the camera it is definitely not going to have a nice impact on the audience. 

6.Come up with unique videos

Always try to make your videos fun and entertaining for the audience. Come up with different ideas each time with a spin on the world of makeup tutorials. 

For example, you can introduce fun challenges like no mirror makeup, a 5-minute make-up challenge, etc. Such ideas will encourage the audience to involve and respond as well. 

Moreover, creating beauty vlogs involving travel makeup, makeup reviews, etc, will keep the interest of your audience intact! 

7.Create your identity

One thing that you need to be mindful of while making beauty vlogs is to establish an identity of your own rather than just following the trend. 

Your personality, makeup style, product choices, and video mood are all factors that will define the type of makeup vlogger you are. 

There has to be a distinct feature to your makeup vlogging that people can instantly associate you with. Blazing a path in terms of creativity instead of following an established one will get you an enthusiastic following.

8.Invest in your equipment and products

To be a successful makeup vlogger, you need to up your game when it comes to equipment and products. These are the two major things your beauty vlog will depend on and so they have to be on point. Be smart when it comes to the products and equipment because they can literally make or break your vlog.

At the very least, you will be needing a high-quality camera, proper lighting setup, and a decent range of makeup products.  

9.Market your vlogging channel

Use social media to create hype about your content. Without marketing, any brand would be rendered useless. 

For instance, you can capture your audience’s attention by posting a sneak peek from your upcoming video. Also, you can make use of sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram to reach a maximum number of people. 

10.Use a reliable editing software

The editor is the backbone of the whole video-making process. Your video needs to be refined before it is turned into a final product. Hence, you need to use software that enhances your videos greatly but with minimum effort. 

Try choosing an editor that has all the functions you need in it so the process becomes smoother. We would recommend the ios version of FilmoraGo editor. The beauty of FilmoraGo is that it will fulfill all your requirements in a single attempt and, in one magical swoop, make all your vlogging much simpler! 

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It does not matter if you are an aspiring or established makeup vlogger, you will constantly have to come up with new ideas to evolve yourself in order to stay relevant. We hope that these tips help you create more striking beauty vlogs! 

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