Vlogger Kits - What Equipment Do Most Vloggers Need?

2021-04-15 11:27:11

Vlogging, also known as video blogging, is on the rise these days. It has become more and more popular in these times of social distancing when most individuals aspire to become the next internet sensation. 

But what exactly makes you a star in front of the audience? The proper subject matter and a winning personality.

And how is all that possible?

With the right equipment tools and vlogger kit for video blogging. 

The vlogger kit contains the equipment tools to help you compose an excellent video for your audience.

The quality of your overall video is enhanced by using essential vlogger equipment tools.

That is why you must understand those essential vlogger kit equipment tools and know-how to use them to create high-quality videos.

  1. Vlog Camera or Mobile Phone
  2. Ring Lighting
  3. Music Receiver
  4. Video Editing App: FilmoraGo
  5. Background Wallpaper

1.Vlog Camera or Mobile Phone

The first thing that tops the list for your vlogging kit is the camera.

You do not need to buy an expensive camera, a decent camera with good video or picture quality can do justice with your vlogs.

Some experienced vloggers also prefer using a mobile phone for their vlogs if the quality of their mobile cameras seems suitable enough.

Additionally, camera usage depends entirely on the content you want to produce.


If you want to create a talking head video, your audience will appreciate higher quality videos so they should be captured with a professional camera.

On the other hand, for vloggers who like doing blogging related to surfing, hiking, or vlogging related to nature, it will be best to invest in an action camera to keep the viewers interested.

Consequently, you must know the type of video content to invest in the desired camera. 

2. Ring Lighting

Another important piece of the vlogger kit is the lighting.

You must shoot in well-lit conditions to create an aura and look professional. It all comes down to investing in good lighting equipment which will also allow your camera to operate at its best.

According to experienced vloggers, good lighting (which will be possible with good equipment) will upgrade your video quality as a whole even if your camera is less expensive or doesn't have good quality.

However, you should first begin the shooting with the available light sources such as natural sunlight that can be easily available to you.

But you must know the tactics to tackle the lighting. If you are shooting in the daylight, go for the areas that are evenly shaded.

On the other hand, you can shoot near the windows if you are shooting inside to capture the sunlight. If you have enough budget, you should definitely invest in some professionals lights for your videos. 

3.Music Receiver

Music receiver is another main vlogging equipment that must be considered for the vlogger kit.

It is an essential tool that can assist in amplifying all the audios, organizing the video sources. It can separate the audio and video sounds letting you listen to the sound and video clearly in order to include in your video.

This can aid video bloggers in capturing dialog in isolation from all the background noise. With the help of these music receivers, vloggers can eradicate all the unnecessary sound in the background assisting them in composing an amazing video.

4.Video Editing App: FilmoraGo

Vloggers who have shot their videos in clips and pieces would require a video editing software tool to put them together.

There are several free video editing programs available but all of them have limitations, therefore, it is advised to download one of the best and premium video editing tools – FilmoraGo – from the Apple Store through which you can create your videos and stories effortlessly using over thousands of video effects.

With FilmoraGo, you can get all the essential tools you require in order to create a professional video.

From shortening clips; slicing your footage into two or more separate clips; choosing between the best aspect ratios to moving between clips in interesting ways; speeding or slowing down your clips; to playing your footage backward.

The application is the latest and can leave your audience amazed with its special effects, stickers, filters, and much more.

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With several features for the videos, FilmoraGo will soon include 10,000 new music resources on April 1, 2021, so that vloggers can enjoy using a variety of background music in their videos. 

5.Background Wallpaper

Another most important element for the vlogger kit is the background wallpaper and backdrop.

However, choosing the right background wallpaper for your videos can be a daunting task but you should always remember picking the type of wallpaper that captures the essence of your video and goes well with the type of your video content. If you have fun with them for your videos, you can include colorful wallpaper. 

On the other hand, you can pick a solid color backdrop if you want to set a grim vibe. However, for a professional video, you should opt for the green screen wallpaper so that it can leave a sober impression on your audience.

Final Thoughts

Vlogging itself is not very complicated and with the right basic vlogging kit including a collection of video gear as discussed above, your audience will love your vlogs, giving a boost to the production value of the video content.

A good quality camera, decent lighting, wallpaper, music receiver and a professional video editor like FilmoraGo can up your vlogging game.

Vloggers who like adding exciting effects and multiple features in their videos must consider downloading FilmoraGo from the Apple store today to create impressive videos for their audience and up their vlogging game in no time. 

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