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How to become a Vacation Vlogger?

2021-04-15 11:29:15

Smiling through your vacation videos and thinking, “Hey, why don’t I share this with the world as well?”. I mean, who would travel to spectacular places, vlog their experiences and beautiful adventure and not have people yearn for such fun adventures and sightseeing? Not you, yeah?

A vacation vlog is as easy as picking up your phone, clicking record, and saying, “Hey guys, check this place out”.

You can visit a friend or a family member and still make a travel vlog. It’s all about simplicity and authenticity.

You don’t have to force it to make money off it, although being paid for making video clips of your life adventures is just as delightful as taking a bite out of a pizza.

Being a travel vlogger should be something you’re naturally passionate about.

Filming your trip doesn’t have to be complicated; you have to pop out your camera and start taping your adventures and experiences.

To avoid shaky, incomprehensible footage, it would help if you have these types of equipment to enhance your video quality;

Part1. Kits for Travel Vloggers

1.A drone

Drones are remotely controlled aircraft machines.

Camera drones help include to your vacation vlog a bird's-eye view of the landscape of your travel destination, giving your viewers a glimpse of the stunning surroundings.

2.Radio microphone

Although your camera can capture sound, the built-in microphones are of poor audio quality.

That’s why you need to opt for a miniature radio microphone, also known as wireless microphones which are equipped with satisfactory recording abilities which prevent unnecessary noise like that of the wind whilst vlogging.

3.Handheld gimbal

A gimbal is a mechanical support that allows you to rotate an object along a single axis.

A gimbal steadies your camera mounted on it to prevent your lens from shaking.

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Part2. Keys of taking good travel vlogs

Aside from this equipment, there are key factors to make your video funnier and outstanding.

1.Choose a good light angle

A necessity for a travel vlog is the lighting.

You don’t want to make a video that barely shows your face, that’s why you need to choose a good light angle that lit up your face.

If you decide to go with natural lighting like the sun, you need to choose to either face the sun or face away from the sun.

Sunset is usually the best time to take pictures.

2.Use slow motion to bring emotion to your landscape video.

Whether you want to emphasize a hair flip or to show just how stunning the landscape of your surrounding is, slow motion is essential for a travel vlog.

A slo-mo give your viewers an extended time to take in the emotion your clip is expressing.

3.Use different scenes with different types of music for your vacation vlog.

You don’t just go ahead to use any music for a scene on your vlog.You need to set the mood of a particular scene with the right music.

For instance, if a scene from your vacation vlog is beachy, use wavy, tender background music.If it’s an amusement park, use fun background music.

That way, your audience can feel like they’re also on the trip.

4.Lastly, choose an effective video editing app to edit your vlog on your iPhone.

After filming, the last step is to edit your vlog into beautiful content for your viewers.

You can edit your vlog easily on your iPhone or iPad with FilmoraGo for free and take advantage of its extraordinary features which trim or split videos, shorten long clips, insert text and titles, add filters, transitions and overlays.

You can also add or make voice-over recordings and select background music from its free music resources.

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Conclusion: Pull up your budget, make travel plans and start vlogging! You don’t have to be perfect on your first try at a travel vlog, what matters is the unique story you put out there. Dazzle the world with your travel series!

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