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50 Vlog Ideas: How to make my daily vlogs interesting

2021-06-23 21:38:15

With millions of Vloggers posting different footage of their lives and moments, you might be wondering if you stand a chance to entertain viewers with your own content.

But hey, there’s always room for more unique voices out there and yours isn’t an exception. 

Even the most popular vlogger always sources ideas for their channel. 

With this article, you’ll be able to make your daily vlog fun and magical with exceptional video editors like FilmoraGo on your iPhone.

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This article will guide you through 50 vlogging ideas under 10 niches that will get you lots of audiences tapping the subscribe bell.


  1. Your morning or night routine.
  2. A closet or home tour
  3. A day in my life video
  4. A tag video with either your partner, a friend or a sibling
  5. Make a Get to know me tag video.


  1. Create a grocery unboxing video
  2. A cooking collaboration with another cooking YouTuber.
  3. Explore different recipes from different countries
  4. Festive cooking tutorials such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
  5. Make a what I eat in a day video including how you also make it.


  1. Halloween make up tutorials
  2. Tutorials trying out different make-up products from popular makeup moguls like Kylie cosmetics, Fenty beauty with reviews.
  3. GRWM- A get ready with me video gives your viewers an insight into your daily beauty video and an update on your life.
  4. Have a friend or partner or family member make you up.
  5. Your morning and night skincare routine.


  1. Your top five wardrobe-essentials.
  2. Your favorite online stores to shop from with reviews
  3. Your top fashion photography do's and don’t
  4. Pick one fashion item a bag/jacket/shoes and style it with different outfits.
  5. Make a video of the top essentials to pack for a vacation, a weekend getaway or a business trip.


  1. Your travel bucket list gives your viewers a personal insight into all the fun and adventures.
  2. Hotel reviews and tours
  3. Your packing tips
  4. Give your viewers a deep insight into the best places in each location e.g museums, historical places.
  5. A couple of travel videos could be a friendship trip or a family vacay.


  1. Make a draw my life video which entails you drawing your life stages on a whiteboard or blackboard.
  2. Soft drawing and painting videos
  3. Hairstylist role play video 
  4. Poetry reading videos
  5. Magic tricks


  1. Make a how-to video editing tip.
  2. Make a review video about the latest devices and best apps.
  3. Make a tutorial video on how you shoot your videos including your go-to apps like the Filmora Go app which is the best video editing app with quality features.
  4. Lifehack videos on gadgets.
  5. Easy home how-to repair videos on gadgets and home appliances.


  1. Pranking a friend or a family member.
  2. Make a bloopers compilations videos.
  3. Funny behind-the-camera moments.
  4. Reaction videos. Make a video compilation of people’s reactions to something you did or said.
  5. Total fail compilation videos.


  1. Create a how-to video on a mini gym at home during the lockdown period.
  2. Two weeks quarantine diet plan that gets you in shape.
  3. Make a simple morning routine exercise vlog that starts off your day positively.
  4. Simple yoga moves you try at home.
  5. Give your viewers a look into your favorite workout gears, products, and tools.


  1. Make a how-to video on a new game.
  2. Review different gaming apps.
  3. Make a collaboration video with a top is known gamer or another YouTuber in your niche.
  4. Ask your viewers to drop their favorite games, select a few from the options, stream yourself playing it, and make a voice-over and opinion about each game.
  5. Showcase your gaming gear, gaming room and share the latest gaming news.

There you go. It’s not too late to give your channel a total make-over.

With these 50 ideas under the different niches, your subscriber list is going to go from zero to a thousand and more.

Nevertheless, aside from the ideas, editing vlogs can be quite difficult. You don’t want to put out a shaky video with lots of bloopers.

Composed with the best editing tools, FilmoraGo is an exceptional video editor with extraordinary resources such as amazing transition effect, trendy filters, text, and titles with a rich music library service to make your daily vlog as flawless and eye-catching as you’ve always wanted.

With the below steps, you can easily trim add voice-over or other audio tracks to your vlog on your iPhones and iPad using FilmoraGo.

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Step 1: Install FilmoraGo 

Download FilmoraGo  on your iPhone from the app store for free

Instantly record, edit and share
every beautiful moment in life.
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Step 2: Click on the new project to begin editing your vlog.

Step 3: Select your desired video clips from your iPhone media files and import them to the timeline.

Step 4: Insert filters, text, titles, and other elements to your daily vlog.

Step 5: Insert voice-over records.

You can directly record the sound in FilmoraGo to dub your video

Step 6: Add background music to your vlog.

Step 7: Export and share

If satisfied with the final turn out of your vlog, Click the “export” button and share directly to your Youtube channel or save it to your iPhone media roll.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now that you’ve gotten the secret to keeping your audience hooked to your daily vlog, hurry up and download the FilmoraGo App on your iOS device to keep those views rolling in with flawless vlog editing.

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