GRWM Meaning - What Does GRWM Stand For?

2021-04-14 18:05:52

You will find another abbreviation exchanged on the social platforms these days i.e. GRWM. In this blog series, we will tell you about this term and what it stands for to keep you up with this new abbreviation. 

Also, we will introduce some of the famous GRWM vloggers to help you understand what exactly it means.

What is GRWM Meaning?

GRWM is the new trending phrase by YouTubers. It means "Get Ready with me”. These videos are made by the vloggers when they are getting ready for something.  

Such GRWM videos are the most loved fashion and beauty videos by youngsters these days. 

Due to the rising popularity, they have earned this acronym "GRWM". The influencers getting ready in front of their followers by doing every single step have made these videos a bit hit. 

Viewers appreciate the opportunity to take a glimpse into their favorite vlogger's beauty and fashion regimen and how they create their makeup looks.

8 Most Liked GRWM YouTubers You Might Be Interested In

1.  Jaclyn Hill

Hill collaborates with the Kardashians' launch of the beauty product line and has one of the most famous YouTube channels. She likes sharing her reviews on makeup and beauty products. She creates helpful vlogs for her female audiences. Often making GRWM videos and giving makeup goals to her fans, she has subscribers of over 5 million. 

  • Name: Jaclyn Hill
  • Video Style: Makeup and Beauty
  • Subscribers: 5.75 Million 


2.  Tati Westbrook

Being in the spotlight and one of the popular YouTube beauty influencers, Tati has gained quick popularity. She has a verified YouTube channel with over 1 billion subscribers. She usually trends for her regular spats with other YouTubers. She entertains her audience by discussing unbiased reviews, beauty product hauls, and tutorials with the best hacks. 

  • Name: Tati Westbrook
  • Video Style: Makeup and Beauty
  • Subscribers: 8.93 Million

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3.  Manny Mua 

Manny inspires several young viewers to become male beauty ambassador for brands like Maybelline and others. He has a YouTube channel, full of amazing makeup tutorials, quick how-to vlogs, experiments with looks and several GRWM videos. Very few men have spoken in the beauty industry and Manny is one of those vloggers, having followers of over 4 million.

  • Name: Manny Mua 
  • Video Style: Makeup and Beauty
  • Subscribers: 4.87 Million

4.  Anaysa

Previously known as PrettyPriya TV, Anaysa is the new name of the YouTube channel run by popular influence Shruti Arjun Anand. She has got worldwide fame in just a few years. She uploads videos on beauty hacks, lifestyle and makeup GRWM videos. 

  • Name: Anaysa
  • Video Style: Makeup, Beauty & Lifestyle
  • Subscribers: 12 Million

5.  SaraBeautyCorner 

Known for her unique, vibrant and fun ideas on makeup, nail art, and room décor, Sara Lawler has a fan following of over 2 billion. She has one of the most entertaining YouTube channels creating DIY makeup products, new room makeovers, cute nail art and sometimes GRWM videos. 

  • Name: SaraBeautyCorner
  • Video Style: Makeup, Beauty & Lifestyle
  • Subscribers: 10.5 Million

6.  Grav3yardgirl

Rachel runs this creative YouTube channel in which she used to visit graveyards and explained her paranormal experiences on the channel. Later, she transformed her channel into fashion and beauty having over 1 billion subscribers. She often comes live creating GRWM videos.

  • Name: Grav3yardgirl
  • Video Style: Makeup and Beauty
  • Subscribers: 8.23 Million 

7.  Nikkie Tutorials 

The girl who started chasing her passion at the age of 14 has gained popularity as one of the most famous makeup YouTubers. She focuses on purely makeup and beauty transformations. She has created some of the amazing unbelievable transformation videos for her viewers.

  • Name: Nikkie Tutorials
  • Video Style: Makeup and Beauty
  • Subscribers: 13.8 Million

8.  Nyma Tang

Being a dark-skinned yet glamorous beauty blogger, Nyma collaborates with various professional beauticians and shares her experiences regarding the beauty industry. She shares daily routine makeup advice for viewers too. 

  • Name: Nyma Tang
  • Video Style: Makeup and Beauty
  • Subscribers: 1.3 Million

If you are also a GRWM video enthusiast or want to become one, you can take inspiration from any of the artists listed above. In order to become a successful GRWM enthusiast, you will need to have good video editing software too. Download FilmoraGo today and create high-quality videos, adding interesting effects and features in your GRWM and other makeup videos. 

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