6 Best DoubleTake Apps on iPhone You Must Know

2021-07-14 15:12:09

You may have heard of creating videos with a single camera but have you ever heard of capturing video from two cameras at once? Well, that is called the doubletake feature. This element helps you record two video files separately at one time, from any of the iPhone’s cameras.

This way users can cut and trim them, or capture the video feeds displayed alongside each other, either as a picture-in-picture or a split-screen. However, this is only possible through applications. 

Such doubletake apps for iPhones can help editors create their videos in any form. They can either be in wide, ultra-wide, telephoto or a selfie camera format. Such apps have different frame rates including 30fps, 24fps, and 24fps and all of them record at 1080p.

After setting the frame rates and recordings, you are then able to select how you want the camera feeds to display and begin recording. While these were a few basics of how multi-camera works, we will list down a few doubletake applications in this blog series.

1.    Wondershare FilmoraGo – The First Video Editing Software Tool That Supports DoubleTake

Wondershare FilmoraGo is one of the leading video editors among enthusiasts which was founded in 2003. It is a company that is known for its digital creativity and powerful editing tools. The solutions that the company providers for its users are simple and convenient.

One of their applications is Wondershare FilmoraGo which is supported by iOS and Android smartphone users. It is a handy application that has over hundreds of features, effects, themes, built-in templates, and much more for the editors. 

In addition to this, it is considered as the first doubletake application, supporting dual-camera recording. Users can preview the video using the split screen view in FilmoraGo.

Once they have finished recording the video, it can be edited in FilmoraGo’s PiP mode utilizing all the video editing features available in the application. After editing the video in the PiP mode, users can import those clips into one video later. 

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  • Users can record from both the front and rear cameras of their iPhone at the same time
  • Exceptional effects including hundreds of filters, effects, and stickers
  • Split-screen preview permits users to view recording’s angles side by side
  • Contains copyrights-free music and sound effects, easy import from iTunes


  • The double function only supports iPhone XR and above models

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2.    SlingStudio Capture

When one camera angle is not enough to shoot the videos or photos, SlingStudio can deliver multi-camera magic in a while for a variety of video applications. 

Whether you require this doubletake app for sports, house of worship, schools, corporate events, distance learning, video blogging, weddings, broadcast TV or anything, this application can assist you in shooting from multiple cameras and not miss a single moment.

With several other effects and filters, one can make videos appealing with this application. 


  • The front and rear cameras
  • Zoom controls
  • Native flash on iPhone 


  • Potential display blurring when dual cameras are used

3.    SwitcherStudio

Another doubletake app, SwitcherStudio can assist editors in wirelessly creating and streaming Multicam live video from anywhere. It has built-in integrations with social media platforms which can help you in broadcasting with ease. 

You can edit while you stream to eradicate post-production time, and compose a polished and professional live stream, captivating their viewers.

With this app, users can switch between cameras to capture the action from every angle, making the effective use of dual-camera functions.


  • Live Production iOS app
  • Multisource video
  • Unlimited graphics and multimedia


  • Phone often hangs while using this app

4.    RecoStudio MultiCam

Turning your iOS device into a production switcher, RecoStudio multicam can assist you in viewing all cameras simultaneously and combining the images. Users can create transitions from a single camera to another. It supports up to 4 cameras that means 4 video sources. 

If an editor is using a built-in camera on their main switching device, then they can connect up to three external cameras using their Wi-Fi. The application also helps in live streaming to social media platforms. 


  • Up to 4 multi-cameras
  • Livestreaming on social media platforms
  • Combining images together viewing all cameras simultaneously


  • Images are often blurry

5.    CollabraCam

A multi-camera production application that permits users to use up to 6 cameras. Editors can perform live editing through Wi-Fi. However, the procedure to capture videos using multiple cameras has been changed.

Now all cameras record the entire session while an Edit Decision List (EDL) is created during the live edit. To record in and out points for the Director’s Cut. This change in recording has also paved the way for single-source audio. 


  • Interface is simple
  • Various effects and functions
  • All cameras record the entire season


  • Often hangs

6.    Director Multicam Studio

It is live video production for the next generation. Editors can use their iPhones to manage multi-camera video productions and also go live on their social media platforms with the help of this app.

With the help of multiple cameras, enthusiasts can create really fast video content by leveraging live production techniques used in broadcast TV studios. The application comes with a powerful free version without any time limits or watermarks. 


  • 4 video sources including IP cameras, iPhones, HDMI & SDI encoders, RTSP
  • Live streaming on social media platforms
  • Live editing during recording and in post


  • No copyright free music library

Among all these DoubleTake applications, Wondershare FilmoraGo remains on the top. Several seasoned editors highly recommend users to create their videos utilizing that application.

Download yours today and create amazing videos using multi-cameras at a time. 

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