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2021-06-23 15:04:13

Whether you are doing selfies, makeup, or YouTube, you need a better ring light to evenly light your face for quality pictures. Ring lights are used by photographers and social media pros to improve their appearance.

What is The Use Of Ring Light And How Much Does It Cost?

A ring light is a lighting tool that is commonly used to improve the quality of the shots photography and portraits. It is used to help users to get a source of uniform light that comes from a specific point of view of their camera. Ring light directs light evenly on the subject and minimizes shadows.

The hollow circle in the center is where the camera lens is held to attain maximum light from the ring.

Actually, the price plays a major role when searching for the best ring light. You can get one for as low as $15 for a smartphone. However, for a more substantial unit, the price ranges from $40-$600. The variation of prices is because of the different sizes of the ring and the amount of watt and LED it contains.

For example, Mobile phone ring lights can be bought at an average of $5 to $90 and the portable ring lights range from $15 to $120, but for professionals, the ring lights can cost up to $400.

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8 Best Ring Lights You Should Know.

8. UBeesize 8’’ Selfie Ring Light ($32.99)

UBeesize 8’’ Selfie Ring Light is a famous high-quality brand. This ring light comes with an adjustable stand, remote, a phone holder and an 8-inch dimmable light with three lighting modes. If you like an easy-to-use and understandable selfie ring light, this is the brand to go for.

This ring light is highly portable, which makes it a great gadget to walk around with. Other benefits of UBeesize 8’’ Selfie Ring Light includes the ability to adjust different brightness and color temperatures.


•         Adjustable stand

•         Adjustable to different brightness

•         Portable


•         It is very lightweight and can tip over easily


7. Qiaya Selfie Ring Light ($17.99)

This is a small, portable ring light that is best for selfie light on the go. It features 3 adjustable brightness levels and is USB rechargeable. Qiyas Selfie Ring Light offers an appropriate 10 lighting setting, whether you are making a makeup tutorial or in the darkroom. This ring light is lightweight, hence highly portable.


    Highly portable

    3 Adjustable brightness

    10 levels of Brightness settings 


•         Light may be very high and harsh on the eyes

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6. Wescott 18’’ Bi-Color LED Ring Light. ($199.90)

Wescott Company is known for designing versatile ring lights for DSLRs or smartphones and on-site or studio work. The good thing about this brand is that it comes with both mounting options for the smartphone and a dedicated camera.

The ring light is versatile and easy to bend, with adjustable power and temperature from 3200K to 5600K. The light provides a high degree of color accuracy. This easy to carry ring light, features a swivel and mobile phone mount, which allows you to use many devices in one stand. However, Wescott is slightly expensive.


•         The ring light is versatile

•         High degree of color accuracy

•         Stunning light quality

•         Multiple mounting options


•         Slightly expensive

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5. Neewer 18’’ LED Ring ($92.99)

Neewer 18’’ LED Ring comes with the ball head and smartphone holder and a Bluetooth remote.  The kit also features an adjustable tripod stand that is 59 inches, a hot-shoe adapter for mounting a camera, a remote for easy control and a bag.

The ring provides a continuous output of Daylight balance 5500K as well a set of filters that fit perfectly on the ring light which are orange and soft white. 

It comes with a 360-degree rotatable phone holder for rotating your phone vertically or horizontally freely without taking the phone out of the adapter. If you are a Tik Tok or YouTube pro, you can use Neewer 18’’ to set up your photos. Due to its high quality and affordability, it is highly recommended.


•         Adjustable tripod stand

•         360-degree rotatable phone holder

•         High quality and affordability


•         A bit expensive


4. Viewow Ring Light. ($22.92)

Viewow is an exceptional 8 inches ring light choice. It offers 10 levels of brightness and 3 color options. You will love the 360 degrees, adjustable phone holder. For sure, it offers an amazing selfie light. Also, it features an adjustable tripod stand that can be adjusted from 14.5 - 52.5 inches. You can easily switch the color temperature between 3200K to 6500K. It also features a wireless remote to control your phone while taking a photo.

Viewow is perfect for live streaming, video shooting, filming, video recording, online tutorial and dark scenery vlogging.


•         Offers 10 levels of brightness 

•         3 Colors Lighting Mode


3. Inkeltech 18’’ LED Ring Light ($90.95)

This awesome ring light comes with a multi-factional kit with a stand, mount and a bag. With Inkeltech Ring Light, you can adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 6000K without using color filters. The back of the ring is an LED screen that shows the situation of brightness.

The ring light has 512 bulbs which make it very powerful while keeping the picture soft. This top quality 18’’ ring light is simple to set up and use. Inkeltech is a great tool for YouTubers, photographers, make-up artists and photographers.


•         Quick color change

•         Simple to set up


•         . The phone holder is not very stable.


2. Diva Super Nova 18’’ Ring Light  ($249.95)

Whether you are a photographer, YouTuber or even Instagrammer, this is the ring light you shouldn’t miss. Diva Super Nova 18’’ Ring Light offers bright and accurate lighting for shooting high-quality videos. It is equipped with a 5400K bulb, and a diffusion cloth to reduce shadows.

The design comes with a wider stand than usual to provide the stability for this larger setup. Moreover, the flexible gooseneck attachment is firm so that it can hold the light in place at any angle.


•         Bright and accurate lighting

•         Gooseneck attachment

•         A wider stand for stability


•         Expensive 


1. Emart 10-inch Selfie Ring Light. ($31.99)

The design features an adjustable tripod stand, phone holder, and Bluetooth remote control. This 10-inch selfie ring light comes with 3 light modes (yellow, white and warm white) and 11 brightness levels.

It also offers various lighting adjustability options. Even though this is a cheap ring light, it is still very efficient for both professional and fun content making.

It can also be easily be adapted to most USB-enabled devices such as desktop PC, laptop, USB charger and power bank.


•         Adjustable tripod stand

•         3 light modes

•         Adapted to USB-enabled devices 


Ring lights prevent distortion of the image and reduce your post-processing time. Therefore, you need to purchase a product that saves your time and money. Know the time you need to edit your photos and videos. For excellent video editing, we recommend FilmoraGo Editing App.

After evaluating all these ring lights, be it mobile phone ring lights, portable ring lights, or studio professional ring lights, it is time for you to go and get one.

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