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2021-06-23 17:51:07

One of the utmost sought-after hashtags on every social media for fashion content is the OOTD hashtag. With countless fashion “ inspos”  to turn heads at your school reunion, or to rock the street effortlessly Selena Gomez style, OOTD is a fashion light from heaven to cease your wardrobe confusion.

Nonetheless, the term “OOTD” wasn’t created solely for the crème de la crème of the fashion world, you can also be the next Audrey Hepburn by unlocking a different level of fashion statement the world won’t come back from.

You’re probably thinking “OK, you capture my attention at Audrey Hepburn but lost me at OOTD”. If you’re not quite familiar with the term OOTD and OOTN, chances are you’ll probably mix them up in a bid to cop your style out there, giving the right outfit, a wrong title.

So read on to gain more insight on

Part1. What do OOTN and OOTD mean?

OOTD or Outfit of the day is a term used primarily on social media platforms popular amongst fashion bloggers, vloggers and fashion enthusiasts to convey to others what they wore or are wearing for a particular day.

Akin to OOTD, you’re probably quite familiar with seeing the hashtag #OOTN all over your explore page. OOTN is the abbreviated form for Outfit of the night, a term also used fashionably on social media.

OOTD could depict an outfit worn for the day, notwithstanding the time of the day either morning or at night. While OOTN strictly displays an outfit worn at night, your every date night outfit inspo.

Now that you have quite learned the OOTD meaning, conversely, become familiar with the basics of showing the world how easily you rock your day with the right outfit.

An OOTD can be in a photo context taken in front of a full-length mirror or a video form such as a “my everyday outfit challenge” but believe me,  the videos will become a massive mainstream on social media.

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Part2. Most used social media platforms by OOTD vloggers to post vlogs

With the various social media platforms out there, it’s not too hard to find an OOTD post.

But the social media platform used by the most outfit-of-the-day vloggers is Instagram, which mainly entails pictures only.


Tiktok is widely known for its different creative content. Ootd vloggers largely contribute to the TikTok content with their creative display of jaw-dropping outfit videos.


The most popular platform used by OOTD vloggers is Youtube. YouTube created a platform for people to express themselves through their personal videos to an audience.

Ootd vloggers use YouTube to show their everyday style tips for an occasion or a particular weather season.


Part3. How to edit your first OOTD video using a powerful app

Now Audrey Hepburn didn’t leave behind her amazing fashion style by keeping it away from the world and neither should you. What other way to have the world rocking your style than to put it out in an extraordinary way.

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Stop shying away from the fashion world with your drop-dead-gorgeous outfit ideas. Pull open that closet, put on your confidence hat and give the world a different definition to the OOTD meaning.

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