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10 Best YouTube Video Cutter Online Website for Phone/PC

2021-11-05 14:17:09

YouTube is the first video search engine everyone rushes to the moment we have a video project. 

But having to download the YouTube video before extracting the best scene that rhymes with whatever project we are on can be tiring hence why YouTube video cutter online solves every YouTube cutting problem.

YouTube has almost every type of video you might have in mind, but the only problem is most times, a particular scene hits harder than the entire video.

Perhaps you want to merge video scenes from Emma Watson’s Cruella with other outstanding movie clips of hers.

But rather than downloading it, you want to cut it directly online; well, trimming it might not work as efficiently as cutting out the best or worst scenes.

But be rest assured of the best YouTube video cutter online to cut your favorite YouTube video scenes easily.

The ten best YouTube video cutter online for smartphones/PC include: 

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5 YouTube video online cutters suitable for mobiles

1.  Video Crops

Video crops is an online YouTube video cropper that cuts YouTube videos as well.

Video crops cut your YouTube video after you’ve pasted the URL of the video.

It allows you to select whichever part of the video you want before cutting it.

Video crops export its video in the mp4 format only. However, its editing functions are limited to just video cutting.


    Precise and straightforward.

    A better option if you urgently want to cut a YouTube video online.


    Slow to use at times.

    It has limited editing functions.

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2.  HashCut

Hashcut is a YouTube online clipper that allows you to press play from the exact point you want to cut and record it, then when you are done; you stop recording, which automatically cuts the video and saves it in an mp4 format.

Hashcut provides you with a URL space to paste the link of the YouTube video you want to cut, and in addition, you can also merge multiple clips into a single reel and insert text captions as well.


    It Cuts YouTube video to the point.

    Intuitive and fast to use.

    If you seek to make a reel with different YouTube clips, you can make it directly on hashcut after cutting the clips.


    You have to create an account to access your saved video.

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3. O-Downloader

O-downloader is a free online YouTube video cutter, cropper, and trimmer.

You get to paste the URL of your YouTube video into the URL space and cut the video from any section you desire.

O-downloader exports your video in an MP3 video file format with 720p video quality.


    Easy and quick to use.

    You get to choose whichever video or audio quality you want to export.


    Limited editing functions.

4.  Oline Video Cutter

This YouTube video cropper, trimmer and cutter online cut all kinds of videos.

You paste the YouTube video URL and set the start and end duration before cutting the clip. 

Online video cutter online cutter exports videos in mp4 file format with a 720p resolution.


    It cuts straight to the point.

    It cuts video with a fast speed rate.


    Limited editing functions to explore.

5.  Veed

Veed is an online YouTube video cutter, cropper and, trimmer.

You get to cut YouTube scenes straight from their URL or by uploading the YouTube video.

Veed allows you to cut clips from any section you desire.

Aside from cutting, veed has other video editing functions such as subtitles, text, filters, and audio.

Veed provides you with a range of export options for different social media platforms.


    Professional and easy-to-use.

    Additional editing functions.


    Can be slow in editing.

Five online YouTube video editors are suitable for PC.

1. Typito

Typito is an online YouTuber cutter that trims and split videos as well.

Typito allows you to upload your YouTube video rather than paste the URL of the video.

You can also cut these clips from the middle section. 

Typito supports 20+ video formats ranging from MP4, MOV, AVI, and so on.


    Simple and easy to use in urgent YouTube video cutting emergencies.

    Color kit to change the font color of your video.


    You have to create a free account to use typito.

2. YTcutter

Ytcutter is an online YouTube video cutter that works for PC as well. 

Ytcutter cuts YouTube video with precision once you’ve imported the video via the URL link.

Ytcutter exports video in mp4 video file format.

You get to set the beginning and end duration of the clip you want to cut.

Ytcutter supports only the “cut” video editing function.


    Quick and straightforward to use.

    You can take screenshots of the YouTube video.

    Export in either video, audio, or animated GIF format.


    Limited editing function.

3.  YTcropper

Ytcropper is an online YouTube video cutter that cuts YouTube clips with precision.

Ytcropper imports your video via the URL link, cuts your video through the start/stop duration, and exports it in an mp4 format.


    Precise and easy-to-use.

    It takes no time to display the YouTube video via the link.


    Limited video editing functions.

4.  Youtube Trimmer

YouTube trimmer is a fast online tool to trim, cut, crop, and share your masterpiece online. 

All you need to is import your video via the URL, set the start/end duration of the clip you want to cut, and export it in an mp4 file format.


    It cuts video with precision.


    Exporting video can be a little complicated.

5.  Clideo

Video is an online video editor with the cut function.

Video allows you to either upload your YouTube video or paste the URL.

You can cut your video from the middle section and export it in any video format of your choice, such as mp4,  AVI, MPG, etc.

Video is a popularly known video editor with tons of editing functions such as subtitles, reverse video, merge video, etc.


    Professional and easy-to-use

    Wide range of other video editing functions.


    Works slowly in editing at times.

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Although these YouTube video cutters online are creative and easy-to-use, there might be times you don’t want to paste the URL of the YouTube video if it’s already downloaded is an easy-to-use offline editing application that cuts your YouTube video with precision. You get to edit the video with other advanced features like filters, effects, background music, animated stickers, and tons more.

FilmoraGo is free to download from the App Store and free to use.

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