Top 5 Online Video Reverser: Rewind the video on the browser

2021-06-30 15:11:20

Although the majority of the videos saved on our smartphones was gotten from the internet, there are moments you would rather make a video edit online, like a backwards video, before downloading it.

Editing a video trend online like the reverse video requires an online video reverser to do the job. This online reverser makes it easy to reverse a video directly from the source before saving it to your media library.

Although most online reverser works through the URL of the video, there are few cases which let you import the video from your phone storage and share it directly to friends.

In this article, there are two categories of reversing video;

FilmoraGo - A better choice to reverse the video for free

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editor with simple yet powerful editing tools and advanced features.

FilmoraGo supports both android and iOS devices, and you can create music videos, make your own movies and share them with the world directly.

Among its powerful editing tools is the reverse function, which makes a backward video.

Its reverse function works intuitively and produces a reverse video in few seconds.

Alongside the reverse function, FilmoraGo functions are free to use, likewise is downloading the app.

Reversing a video with FilmoraGo involves importing the video, enabling the reverse button and exporting it in any resolution of your choice.

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Top five best websites to reverse your videos online

5.  Video Reverser

This online video reverser takes video to the next level with its reverse function.

Straightforward and simple to use, video reverser takes the last frame of your video and makes it the first.

You can remove audio from the reverse video and export it to any file format of your choice.


  • Supports a wide range of video file formats.


  • Minimum video file size required

4. Fast Reel

Fast reel is a handy video reverser that makes a backwards video instantly. Your videos are 100% safe and secured on this website immediately after you are done reversing.

Reversing a video with fast reel entails importing your video, selecting your preferred export option and saving your video.

Fast reel supports most video file formats like mp4, MOV, AVI, MKV and WMV.


  • Intuitive and straightforward to use.
  • Supports other video editing functions.


  • Limited video file size.
  • Includes a watermark at the end of exporting your video.

3. File Converto

File converto adds a rewind effect to your video, bringing the last clip to the start.

This online reverser entails importing your video from your phone storage and reversing it within few seconds.


  • Supports other editing functions.
  • You have the option to remove audio if you wish.
  • Supports large video size of 500MB


  • Too many ads.

2. Movie Maker Online

Moviemaker online is an excellent video reverser that deletes your uploaded videos 24 hours or faster after reversing them. 

This website reverses videos that are over ten minutes long. All you need to do is enable the reverse option amongst other movie-making options, import your video and download it.

Movie-maker online reverses not only videos but audio as well.


  • Supports a wide range of editing functions.
  • You can export your video in 1280 or 720 export resolution.
  • You can import videos and pictures to include in your reversed video from stock photos.
  • Free music to add to your video.


  • Too many ads pop up.
  • Page introduction is a little hard to maneuver.

1. Pixiko

Pixiko is a free online video reverser that lets you reverse either part of a video or the whole video.

Pixiko reverses all kinds of videos such as Instagram videos, Facebook videos or YouTube videos. This website provides you with a tutorial that guides you through the reversing process.


  • Supports other video editing functions.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Has no limited file size.
  • Exports in any file format of your choice.


  • Pricey subscription payment.

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Online video reverser creates a  tricky video with an excellent effect.

Right from the movies, playing a video backward is one of the most excellent video effects, hence why you should hop on the trend.

Using FilmoraGo as your go-to video reverser transforms your video into an incredible stunt you can share with friends.

The best part of FilmoraGo is you don't have to stick to just the reverse function; you can add other movie-like effects to your video to create a blockbuster.

Download FilmoraGo for free from the App Store and take your videos back in time.

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