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iMovie Reverse Clip: How to Reverse Video on iMovie 2023[Mac/iPhone]

2023-02-24 15:26:21

Reversed videos are an established special effect with several purposes. It can describe the audience with a fast, slow motion, or instant replay. It can amaze and intrigue them, playing backward.

According to several seasoned social media influencers, reversed video clips have had a history of engaging views.

Many Vloggers and artists use this technique to give a more artistic and creative tone to their videos. You should play the video backward.

Usually, such editors use this technique to give more of a comical effect to the action of the video. 

To reverse a video, users require a suitable software tool. In this blog series, we will discuss steps that one can follow to reverse a video using iMovie and one of the highly recommended tools, Wondershare FilmoraGo.

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Steps to Reverse Video on iMovie [For Mac users]

iMovie is one of the most used video editors among Mac users. It is suitable for both beginner and seasoned social media influencers.

One can play the downloaded YouTube videos in reverse order and save them as a new clip as a whole. To play videos backward is simple in iMovie.

You can select the target media clip in the timeline and then select the reverse option, which will be under the Speedometer tab. 

Users can edit both audio and videos on the iMovie, creatively enhancing videos online. The exported edited video can be shared on various platforms and other Apple devices.

However, iMovie has limits and lacks supporting common video formats such as AVI format. Therefore, one has to select only from the given options.

Step No. 1: Add Video to iMovie

Launch the iMovie software tool and manually add the videos or text transition clips you want to reverse.

Also, you can let the application automatically program and find all the credible videos from the main browser. 

Step No. 2: Drop the Video to iMovie

After dragging and dropping the video into the timeline, select the video that you want to edit and let it open onto the clip inspector window.

Upon double-clicking on any of the project videos, it will open up the clip inspector for that video clip. We would recommend you to detach the audio or mute it before video reversing clip. 

Step No. 3: Begin Reversing Video

Click on “Modify” under the Rewind option and from there you can reverse the speed. You will find three different sliders appearing on the timeline. Drag only one slider to adjust the playback speed. 

As soon as you will be done reversing, you will notice that the time of the video will remain the same. However, those who want to put the speed effect, can do so and change the speed presets for the video to include the reverse effect. 

Step No. 4: Click on the Reverse Option

After you are done making the adjustments, click on the Reverse option. Your clip will play backward. You can adjust the speed, apply effects, crop it, or trim it. After the process is done, you can export the reversed video.


A Better Choice to Reverse and Change Speed of the Videos - Preferred iMovie Alternative [For iOS users]

While iMovie is a good and most used software tool for Mac users to reverse videos, the interface can be a little complex for beginner-level video editors.

They seek applications with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Seasoned editors suggest using Wondershare FilmoraGo to obtain the reverse video effect on a simple interface. 

This time-saving software tool can assist video editors in quickly reversing the video as per their requirements. 

Only by three steps, you can reverse the video on your phone immediately:

Step No. 1: Import the Video in the Application

The first step is to import the video under the File Menu – Wondershare FilmoraGo. There is also another way to bring the files into the interface by directly dragging and dropping them into the Media library. 

Step No. 2: Select “Reverse”

The application has a simple procedure to include the video into the timeline. In addition, you can also drag and drop the video into the timeline and choose ‘reverse’, the video will be reversing automatically.

Step No. 3: Preview and Export the Reversed Video

Lastly, you can preview the reversed video before exporting it. Select “Export” to select an output format for the desired video. Then, save the video in the original format and quality as you may like. 

Final Word

Playing a video clip in reverse can be a virtually appealing effect on your footage. Such videos can put a stamp on your project as an editor.

Whether you are making an action-packed video or a music clip, such editors help you play with the video editing software tool. However, recording videos can be the beginning of the creative process, while editing can get you the most rewards. 

You can add reverse video effects in your clips using effective software tools such as iMovie or Wondershare FilmoraGo.

Using a simple tool like the latter, FilmoraGo can help you seamlessly reversing the required video at any speed and in any format. Download the app today and enjoy editing the video!

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