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2021-07-01 17:40:36

It's an indisputable fact that video content is now playing a vital role in many industries, ranging from digital marketing to entertainment, and lots more. But today, one thing many video content creators find uneasy is generating copyright-free background music for their videos.

Perhaps, many still lack the knowledge to generate unique background music or they don't just know the perfect platform to download copyright-free music to help their video stand out online.

Well, in this article, we'll discuss the top 5 free websites that support the download of copyright-free background music. So if you're among the folks who have no idea of such websites to download quality copyright-free background music, we advise you read further to find out more.

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Tips for copyright-free background music download

As a video content creator, you know that background music and sound effects play a vital role in how people perceive the quality of your video.

But, one thing you should keep in mind is that not all websites you find online have all it takes to provide you with standard background music to help your video convey the intended messages to your viewer.

Thus, let's take a look at some tips for downloading copyright-free music before we proceed to the primary discussion of the day.

●     Calculate Budget

It's always important to work on a budget so you won't invest in background songs that can't give your video the quality it needs. So whether you're looking for cheap or average-priced background music, you should make sure not to settle for less quality.

●     Select Suitable Background Music That Suits Your Video Perfectly

Don't ever make the mistake of downloading background music that doesn't suit the theme of your video. This is because irrelevant background sounds might give your viewers tricky impressions that don't relate to the kind of message your video is conveying.

●  Ensure To Read All legal terms and conditions of the Website Where You're Downloading The Music

All copyright-free background music downloading websites work based on certain terms and conditions, thus, you should always ensure to check if their condition is okay for you to work with.


Top 5 Free Websites to Download Copyright-free Background Music

With loads of websites available online for background music, we've been able to select a few top sites that support the download of quality copyright-free background music. So, read further to find out which is best for you.

5. HookSounds

First on our list HookSounds. Yes, HookSounds is one of the top-leading platforms that supports a wide variety of high-quality copyright-free background music that can be used in different kinds of video projects. Boasting tons of royalty-free background music, HookSounds enables users to access all kinds of sounds, be it vocals, instrumental, or loop. However, users will require an upgrade in their account to premium before they can utilize more developed sound. See some of its features below;

  • Supports both MP3, WAV, loop, and instrumental sounds versions.
  • All music provided is copyright-free.
  • Availability of high-quality music that can be used in all kinds of projects.


Basic plan - Free

Premium plan - $29 per month

4. Mixkit

Are you looking for some kind of high-quality dramatic, cinematic, uplifting, or experimental sounds to use in your next video project? Then this one is just for you.

Mixkit is a 100% free website that supports over 1000 free music that can be utilized in all kinds of videos. And with the availability of a clean website interface, downloading that amazing sound you need for your video will be just like a walk in the park.


  • Supports commercial usage of videos.
  • Availability of a wide variety of HD videos.
  • It can be used for free.

Pricing: Free

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most popular platforms for downloading copyright-free background music. From the tons of royalty-free music to its responsive user interface, highly intuitive search filter, and lots more, SoundCloud makes it easy for users to download all kinds of copyright-free music fast and efficiently without any complications. Besides, what makes it different from others is the ability for users to browse music based on specific records or genres like rock, pop, and more.


  • Supports sharing, uploading, and downloading audio tracks free and conveniently.
  • Features up to 190 million royalty-free music from over 20 million creators in different countries.
  • A clean user interface makes the website easy to use for everyone.


Basic - Free

SoundCloud Pro Unlimited

1 month - $16/month

12 months - $12/month

 SoundCloud Go

1 month - $4.99/month

2. Jamendo

Supporting over 6000 copyright-free background music from over 4000 artists, Jamendo is another excellent website that allows the download, upload, and sharing of music quickly and handily. Over the years, this website has been helping video content creators find perfect background music ranging from pop, hip-hop, emotional, jazz, rock, etc. Plus, they've made available a radio feature that can be used to play different genres just like a radio station. Its features are outlined below.



  • Create and save your favorite music conveniently.
  • Availability of a wide range of music and sounds.
  • Supports radio feature that enables users to play sounds in radio format.

Pricing: Free

1. Freeplay Music

Boasting a clean and simple user interface, Freeplay Music is another effective website to download copyright-free background music that can be used in both YouTube videos and Facebook videos. In addition, their database consists of over 50,000 copyright-free music which is available in Genre, Mood, and Scene.


  • Supports 50,000+wide variety of royalty-free music.
  • A highly intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate around the website.
  • Availability of search filter to make the search process easy.

Pricing: Free

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Now you have an idea of what website to use in downloading copyright-free background music, don't hesitate to make your choice for the next video project you've got. Whichever of the websites you're looking to use, it's advisable to ensure it suits your requirements.

Anyways, if you still don't find any of the sites listed above to be capable enough, we recommend you employ a top-leading tool that can help you maintain a perfect you execute all your video editing creating operation. Yes, it's none other than the number one Wondashare FilmoraGo.

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FilmoraGo is not just like the ordinary video editing you find online, as it enables users to execute different kinds of operations on his/her video. And you can even create you're video using this amazing tool. Besides, compared to the websites listed above, FilmoraGo has a massive copyright-free background music database that surpasses 10,0000 music resources, and over 8000 can be downloaded free and easily.

It doesn't matter what kind of sounds you're seeking, FilmoraGo would provide you with top-quality royalty-free music. Thus, don't hesitate to reach out to it today.

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