DoubleTake: How to Record a Multi-Cam Video on FilmoraGo

2021-07-06 16:18:11

There are countless features about the iPhone and other phones that we endure. And as we are moving forward in time, these tech giants are coming with more ingenious features in their devices to keep their users glued. One of the best features that Apple has packed in its recent iPhone models is the DoubleTake feature.

There must be many questions spinning in your mind right now, like what is it? How to use it? Right? Let’s read ahead and find out in this guide!!

What is DoubleTake in Video Recording?

Have you ever seen those videos on social networks where a person hands over an item to the other person, and the video is captured from both sides? You might have wondered at least once how they are perfectly synchronized, right?

Well, there is not much hard work behind that. It is the magic of the doubletake feature. The doubletake feature allows you to capture both the front and rear side video of the phone simultaneously. Thus, allowing you to capture all the beautiful moments easily.

The ability to capture videos from both the cameras simultaneously can add many benefits such as:

1.    Gamers can use this feature while streaming their gameplay online. The rear camera can be used to capture the game screen, and the front camera can be used to record the user and its commentary.

2.    Users can use it to record their loved one’s reactions. For instance, just like the example above, you can give your parents a gift and record their as well as your reaction easily.

3.    If you are talking face to face via a camera, you can record each other’s reactions during the conversation.

These examples are just limited. There are many other applications of the doubletake feature.

If you want to make a video using the doubletake feature, you can find that in the camera of your iPhone. Moreover, if you are more of a professional videographer and want to edit the video too, you need to use software like FilmoraGo.

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Steps of Recording DoubleTake Video on FilmoraGo

The doubletake feature is awesome, and you must be very keen to use it. So, here are the steps to capture the doubletake video on your iPhone using the FilmoraGo app.

1.    Go to the App Store and Get the FilmoraGo app on your phone. Make sure you download the right application.

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2.    Open the FilmoraGo app, and you will see a welcome screen followed by the privacy policy and terms of use screen. Tap on the Agree button to go to the home screen.

3.    As you are on the home screen now, you will see a Camera tab on the top right of the app interface (it will be just beside the + New Project option.) Refer to the image below!

4.    When you click on the Camera option, you will receive pop-ups for access permissions to the camera, media files, and the microphone. Click on OK for all.

5.    After this, the phone’s camera will open and you will see the screen with various options. You need to find the MultiCam option just above the picture clicking button.

6.    Clicking on the MultiCam option will open up a screen where you have to tap on the Record button to start recording. It will look like the screen in the image below!

The view on the top (which has the car) is the rear camera, and the one below it is the front camera.

7.    The camera will begin the doubletake process by recording both videos simultaneously. As you can see, it recorded 19 seconds of clip in the image above.

8.    After you are done with the recording, tap on the Pause button as shown in the image above. After this, you will see the screen shown below.

9.    Tap on the Continue option to move to the next screen.

The steps to doubletake are over here. If you want to change the video clip, you can read further, or you can click on Export to save the video.

Let’s take a look at the editing that you can do on this produced video.

How to Edit the Recorded DoubleTake Video?

Here are the detailed steps to edit the recorded doubletake video!

In the editing part of the video, you can use various options provided by FilmoraGo, such as:

    PIP: Picture-in-picture feature allows you to superimpose a video onto your recorded video. You can use PIP to add video and adjust its size and position on the recorded video. Check the images below to understand well!

The first image shows the superimposed video. The second image shows the PIP option at the bottom (third from the left). The third image shows “How to use PIP” and “I Got It.” You can use this feature to learn how to use the PIP feature.

    Add: You can use this feature to add extra videos to the recorded one. The image below shows the Add button; you can click on it and choose a video from the gallery to add.

    Effects: Using this feature, you can add various effects to your video for beautifying it. You can tap on Effect and then on the effect you want to add.

Other than these, you can also use the Trim feature to trim the video. Adjust to change aspects like color, contrast and brightness of the video. Stickers to add stickers to it.

You can also use features like Fade, Reverse, Freeze, Speed to change the aspects of the video and make it better.

When you are done, click on the Export option. The Video will be saved to your phone.

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Videography is rising to new levels each day. And this has been possible with the features that tech giants provide to their users. Doubletake is one of those features that has transformed the way you make videos. And so far, you must be well-versed about it.

As you can use the doubletake feature for making super-interactive videos, it is time to take charge and produce awesome content for your online channel. Do refer to the editing steps of FilmoraGo too. They will help you produce better results.

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