Top 5 Video Filter Apps for iPhone/Android users

2021-06-09 16:50:40

Video filter apps are amassing great popularity for the richness they add to a video.

Videos are the most viewed content in the world.

Every social media platform at least has a video function.

For instance, Instagram was popularly known as a picture-sharing app where you can post pictures of anything and get a double-tap.

But as of recent, Instagram has introduced a new feature known as reel, making videos the most engaging content on Instagram.

Another video creating and sharing platform is YouTube which has 300+ hours of videos released daily with TikTok taking the second crown.

That is to emphasize the royalty, videos have compared to other content.

Just the way movies go through editing, proper lighting, and so on. Similarly, videos require proper editing.

The sparkle of a video is more pronounced by the type of filter used.

Video filter apps are SOS best friends we all need on speed dial.

Recall the times you'd call your best friend for a piece of advice on which picture is better?

There are times you probably shot a video with bad lighting, not to worry, ring the video filter app department for a filter that eliminates the bad light.

There are hundreds of video filter apps to save you from the distress of a poorly edited video.

However, amongst the hundreds, there are always the best ones and your video needs nothing but a video filter app on its “A” game.

In this article, we’ve detailed the top five video filter app.

1. Wondershare FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editing app with powerful yet simple editing tools and advanced features to give your video a fancy flair.

You can create music videos, make your own movies and share them with your friends.

FilmoraGo is the first iOS video editor with a dual recording and editing function.

Instantly record, edit and share
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You can record your video from scratch using FilmoraGo's camera function with its camera filter function.

FilmoraGo can be downloaded and used for free on Android and iOS devices.

FilmoraGo supports a variety of filters, and each filter resource is updated every month. The currently supported filters are inslike, cyberpunk, 3D Lut, night light, cinema, etc. 

If you wondering how to Make your Videos Look Cinematic on FilmoraGo, you will find the specific steps by click the link.

2. KineMaster 

KineMaster makes editing videos on your smartphone fun and easy.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, KineMaster is a full-featured video editing app.

KineMaster has tons of color filters and color adjustments to enhance your videos.

The video filter app, KineMaster is free to download and use.

KineMaster has a category of color filters such as; Blaze, Neon edge, thermal cam, color inversion, split spectrum, anaglyph slide, and tons more.

3. iMovie

As the name implies, iMovie is a video editor for iOS devices that lets you create beautiful mini-movies and trailers.

iMovie has 13 designed filters to give your video a makeover.

Free to download and use, the iMovie video filter app supports filters such as; western, vintage, comic, silent era, Duotone, dreamy, camo, blue, B&W, blockbuster, blast and, comic mono.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a full-featured video editor and video maker that lets you create videos in high and professional quality.

PowerDirector supports iOS and Android devices. You can download and use it for free.

PowerDirector has tons of precision editing tools for every video type hence supporting a range of filters and the filters include; artistic filters, portrait, scenery, and food filters.

5. Filto

Filto is an iOS and android video filter app with aesthetic filters and effects.

Filto is free to download from either of the device's stores and can be used for free as well.

Filto has tons of filters with different vibes and hues to give your video a makeover.

Filto supports a few filters and these filters are updated monthly.

The supported filters include; VHS, glitch, bling, film, light& shadow, filters for a festival and, Halloween to Christmas.

Final Word

As the videography vogue heightens, there's no doubt that everyone needs a video filter app permanently installed on their phone.

For every video filter emergency, you can always turn to your video filter app without panicking.

As the top one listed, FilmoraGo has an intuitive timeline that allows you to edit your masterpiece easily with zero stress.

Moreover, you can explore and add other advanced features like filters, effects, stickers, animated texts, music, and tons more from FilmoraGo to your videos for a grand finish.

Download FilmoraGo from the App Store and get creative.

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