Fancy Video Templates: 30+ Engaging Video You Can Make on FilmoraGo

2021-06-09 14:51:56

Every memories, moments, experience deserve to be told with a Hollywood aura, and what better way would we achieve that than to use the fancy video templates on FilmoraGo? 

Video templates are sample videos mainly used to give an idea of how a video should be.

You could call them genres, which they actually are.

We all know genres to be artistic categories of content.

Every moment in life has a genre. We've got food genres, which have also got sub-genres.

Visual genres vary according to the content, such as drama, comedy, action, and many more.

Video templates are the visual genres of fun videos.

Video templates range from sports, music, food, lifestyle, etc.

There are times that you might want to create a great video but lack the idea of how the turnout of the video should be like, this is where video templates come into play with a fairy wand.

There are tons of video editors with video templates but none stands out like video templates on FilmoraGo.

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editing app with advanced features, powerful yet simple editing tools and, tons of ways to be creative.

You can re-create your memories into movies and share them with friends.

Although,  a little about video templates have been explained, let’s dive into the magic video templates do to your video editing

Part1. What 'Template' can do for your video editing

As stated above, FilmoraGo has great video templates which are going to be detailed and emphasized.

These video templates give you an idea of how creative your video can be and, eases the worry of how your video is supposed to look.

They enhance your video, giving it a fancy flair.

But first, let’s have a gist on the advantages of video templates on FilmoraGo;

  1. You only need to import a few video clips to generate a beautiful video without complicated editing behavior.
  2. The video duration is shorter, which is suitable for publicity or for publishing on TikTok.
  3. More than 30 types of templates can be selected, covering a variety of Vlog types.

The advantages and, effects of video templates have been established, let's dive into the real deal.

The fancy video templates on FilmoraGo.

Instantly record, edit and share
every beautiful moment in life.
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Part2. 30+ template videos you can simply create in FilmoraGo

The first powerful editing tool on FilmoraGo is the video template tool.

Before diving into other editing tools, the video template section is the first tool you sight.

Stunning video templates that help create your videos in seconds with a fancy flair.

Being easy-to-use, you don’t have to go through the stress of complicated video editing.

All you simply need to do is, select a video template, insert your videos, and voila, fancy!

The different style of video templates on FilmoraGo include;

Style 1: Life Video Template

A wedding party, a prom-posal, a road trip, whichever lifestyle memories you made, this video template takes them from a zero shine to a hundred.

The videos available under this template are; travel vlogs, romance videos, videos about yourself.

Style 2: Food Video Template

That cake recipe bangs hard eh?

You don’t have to go big to start your cooking show of a food vlog, the food video template on FilmoraGo has a food show, make your cake video section.


Style 3: Sports and fitness Video Template

Not only does the sports and fitness video template on FilmoraGo gives your video a sporty flair, but it also motivates you and your viewers with its powerful captions.

You can make skating videos, cycling videos, workout videos, boxing videos, and tons more with this template.

Style 4: Fashion Video Template

The videos available under this video template include; beauty life, night city, trendy photography, and, mysterious realm.

Be it a “Get ready with me” video, or a night runway fashion show, FilmoraGo has got you.

Style 5: Musical beats Video Template

Want to tell your BTS concert experience? Go ahead with FilmoraGo.

This video template varies from dance videos to wonderful music moments.

Style 6: Festival Video Template

Felix Navidad, Happy birthday, weddings, and tons more festive memories can be fancy with the festival video template on FilmoraGo.


The video templates on FilmoraGo take your memories and transform them into Oscar-worthy movies.

FilmoraGo has an intuitive timeline which makes it easy to manage multiple timelines.

You can easily navigate through the editing tools without being confused or frustrated with glitches or video size problems.

Besides, using these templates, you can add more glamour to your video with FilmoraGo's advanced video features.

Download FilmoraGo from the App Store for free.

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