15 Selfie Tips: How to Take a Good Selfie Photo/Video

2021-04-14 18:09:49

The selfie has a mind of its own. Selfie photos can range from gorgeous to sexy and from glamorous to absolutely obnoxious. 

Here are a few guidelines that will help you get the epic selfie you've always dreamt of.

1. Find the appropriate angle

Whenever you plan on taking a selfie, the angle is the most important factor. The angle of a picture determines the emphasis and focus which is laid on certain facial features and also the body. 

There are various angles that help enhance the quality of your picture and generate a better selfie. Make sure of the distance between your body and the camera.

2. Lighting

The second most essential element in taking a selfie is the lighting. Clicks turn out to be excellent when clicked in the natural setting. 

Pictures clicked under the sun turn out to be the best ones and provide a naturally flawless look. Nevertheless, if you want to click a picture at night then make sure you're under the shelter of good light. The golden light setting is an excellent choice for an ideal selfie and also makes your skin appear unblemished.

3. Consider the background

The background in the photos also counts to highlight the subject. Whether you take your selfie outdoors or inside, best to check around you first to see what's going on in the background. 

Nature always makes a good background and you can try posing with flowers behind or with a nice furnished background. 

Backgrounds can be a great factor to enhance the look of your selfie that leaves the viewer awe-inspired.

4. Look out for photo bombers

A commendable picture that was clicked well after thousands of failed tries could simply be ruined due to a person or a thing photobombing your oh-so-awesome picture. 

So beware of those retards that squirm around your picture just for fun, leaving you with the ugliest possible pictures ever!

5. Avoid using the back camera

Selfies clicked by the back camera are never that great due to the loose grip of the phone in one's hand. Pictures are shaky due to the lack of firm grip on the cell phone. 

The highly irksome part of using the back camera is that you cannot see your own facial expressions. This also messes up with the angles of the picture.

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6. Don't do the duck face

Unless you're a duck yourself, it's always better to avoid the duck-face expression. It ruins the picture.

7. Face Tilt

Most people don't look their best straight on. Slightly turn your face to the side. There are certain things that are to be avoided in order to get your dream selfie. 

8.  Double Chin

Double chins in taking a selfie are common and are best avoided by not pushing your chin forward slightly and tilt down. Try not to tilt your head up because people can see up your nose at a very awkward angle.

9. Show off that beautiful smile! 

Not only will a smile make your upper lip look thin, and your eyes will give off a happy glow in them! 

10. Wear brighter lipstick

Unfortunately, wearing a darker shade of lipstick will lessen the impact of your lips in a picture. 

They can make you look tired and old.

11. Take multiple pictures

Try different poses until you find out what angle works best for you. 

12. Refrain from using the mirror

This statement can be highly contradictory as mirrors can generate amazing pictures at times. 

Nevertheless, they can also be ugly as no one is interested in seeing your bathroom sink or commode in your picture. Trust me, it's a turn-off!

13. Turn off the white light

The flash on your camera is made to enhance your pictures. The flash is very essential whenever you click a picture in the dark. However, the use of flash mucks up the entire face due to its light and gives your picture a blinding effect. Minimize the use of flash as much as possible.

14. Do not fake your expression

A genuine expression is a key to a great selfie. Avoid any artificial expression. Artificial expressions are easily spotted by the viewer. The pout is the biggest mistake you can do to your selfie. Keep the look as natural as possible and smile more often.

15. Learn how to post-process your photos

Taking a selfie photo or video often separates amateur-looking photos from professional-looking ones. Take a few minutes to edit with a reliable photo editor, and adjust a few basic things such as color correction, sharpness, and exposure curves are easily done. 


You have to know the simplest yet best angles to get selfie photos and videos. Adding to the helpful suggestions above, using editing software such as FilmoraGo empowers your images as well.

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