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2021-04-07 10:50:57

Looking through your racks of clothes and thinking “ I don’t know what to wear” happens at least four times a week, to every one of us. This is where OOTD vloggers come into play with a massive magic wand.

Outfit of the day “OOTD” is what a person is wearing or worn for a particular day or occasion. With OOTD videos, you can learn how to style that one pant that just doesn’t fit in amongst your line of awesome pants.

OOTD vloggers post fashion haul videos, “how to style” tips, “outfit challenges” “what I wore today” with additional fashion do's and don’t. There are tons of fashion influencers and vloggers on every platform.

That’s why we’ve done our investigation and rounded the most liked OOTD vloggers on YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram for the best fashion inspiration.

  1. Most Liked OOTD YouTuber
  2. Most Liked OOTD TikToker
  3. Most Liked OOTD Vlogger on Instagram

Welcome to the finest era were waiting for the mailman to bring in your weekly magazines before getting a hairdo or buying that prom dress remains less in vogue.

With social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok to YouTube giving you a first-class dose of fashion inspiration and style, I won’t hold it against you if your mailbox is cobwebbed.

Most Liked OOTD YouTuber

1. Miss Alex

  • 886, 000 subscribers
  • 79,000,000 view count.

Although Alex rarely makes an OOTD video, she makes choosing an outfit less of a hassle with her “how to style” tips and “outfit ideas” for different seasons of the year.

2.Rachel Spencer

  • 236,000 subscribers
  • 23,000,000 view count

Rachel is a fashion lover from Toronto. Her vlogs range from amazing “outfit of the day and week” ideas to “how to style” tips and fashion haul.

3.Kelsey Simone

  • 67 000,000 subscribers
  • 132,000,000 view count

Kelsey is a lifestyle vlogger known for her aesthetic fashion trends and ideas.

Most Liked OOTD Tiktoker

1.Keri Fay


Keri is a New York based style influencer who makes creative videos on how to style a piece of clothing in different ways, with hair and beauty cues as bonuses.

2.Taylor Hage

  • 6 000,000 subscribers
  • 25 000,000 likes

Taylor makes creative OOTD videos for different events and times of the year such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on.

3.Janice Glimmer

  • 536,000 subscribers

Be it how to style your Halloween costume or what to wear to Coachella, Janice is the jill of all fashion styles.

Most Liked OOTD Vlogger On Instagram

1.OOTD VLOGGER:Valentina Steinhart

  • 214 000 followers

Valentina is a popular Instagram fashion influencer known for her everyday stylish outfit inspiration and easy styling ideas.


  • 3 000,000 followers

OOTD magazine is an influential platform with different OOTD pictures and videos from people all over the world to inspire you to create your own outfit of the day.

3.OOTD VLOGGER: Nadia Anya

  • 643 000 followers

Nadia Anya is a fashion influencer with simple and chic OOTD posts for every event and fashion inspiration you desire.


Having these OOTD vloggers on your social media speed dial, you can sleep at night without overthinking what to wear the next day.

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