ASMR Sleep: How ASMR Videos Help to Sleep

2021-04-14 18:07:46

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – ASMR – is a tingling sensation that begins from the head and neck. It then travels down to the spine. This feeling can make one feel relaxed, calm, content and eventually fall asleep. It is one of the most trending niches by vloggers these days. Such content creators use soothing and relaxing imagery and sound to soothe the listeners or viewers. 

In addition, such YouTubers can create ASMR sleep videos around a variety of topics. Some of them compose eating, destroying, and ASMR sleep videos, giving special attention to sounds and imagery. On the other hand, there are several creators who perform skits for viewers. 

Let’s introduce you to some of the diverse types of ASMR sleep content creators who can help you feel relaxed and make you fall asleep in a go. 

Does ASMR Work for Sleep?

According to several research experts, many people use ASMR videos to fall asleep, feel relaxed, and relieve their stress levels. When the ASMR videos positively impact viewers, it assists them in sleeping in several ways. Some of the ways due to which an individual can fall asleep include the following: 

1. Improved Mood

When someone watches an ASMR sleep video, they experience a great feeling of well-being. With the tingling sensation, their mood is uplifted which lasts for several hours. Due to these mood improvements, individuals’ depression levels are lowered. When people enjoy and have a sense of relaxed feeling, they tend to sleep easily. 

2. Pain Relief

Millions of people are unable to sleep due to insomnia. It makes challenging for the human body to bear even the temporary pain, relax and make them fall asleep. Studies report that when individuals watch such ASMR videos, their pain is relieved, lasting for quite a few hours. This is another factor that can help individuals in sleeping peacefully.

3. Reduced Stress Levels

When an individual is unable to sleep, it is usually due to depression. And everyday stress can disturb our sleep. Such ASMR videos give individuals a feeling of calm and serenity, making them feel composed and eventually fall asleep. 

5 Well-Known Sleeping ASMR Vloggers

1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

A popular Russian ASMR content creator, Gentle Whispering ASMR is a vlogger who produces diverse types of ASMR sleep videos. From role-playing to whispering, she comes up with a variety of ASMR videos to make viewers fall asleep.

You will find several calming ASMR sleep videos on her channel, including hair washing, haircutting, blow-drying and many other hair salon videos. She has over 2 million subscribers who have brought her fame from all over the world.

2. Latte ASMR

An artist like no other, Latte ASMR has a fan following of over 1.4 million. She knows well how to create a scene for ASMR sleep videos that make you fall for both fictional and realistic worlds. She has made several videos that have left her fans awestruck.

3. ASMRMagic

Having over 1.4 million subscribers, ASMRMagic is a British YouTuber who composes high-quality ASMR sleep videos. We recommend you watching her videos without talking.

This way, you will also be able to know which sounds appeal to you most without the distraction of someone's voice. She creates whispers and binaural sound videos for her audience to make them feel relaxed and fall asleep effortlessly.

4. ASMR Bakery

ASMR Bakery is one of the well-known vloggers who has amazed over 893K viewers. She churns out diverse types of videos, which do not involve talking.

Her videos are long and relaxing, the perfect ASMR sleep video for those nights when you don't seem to fall asleep easily. Her videos have content of sounds including scratching, tapping, tracing, crinkling, carving, rubbing, and snorting sounds. 

5. Soy ASMR

Soy ASMR is a Korean artist and another popular ASMR sleep video content creator. She has over 665K subscribers on her YouTube channel. Most of her videos are featured in spa role-play. Viewers love her videos as they feel real sensation through her videos and relaxation.

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