How to customize the father's day lock screen wallpaper on iPhone

2021-07-01 11:32:07

Father’s day is celebrated all around the world to show eternal love and care to your father and let them know how much important they are in your life. It is mainly celebrated to acknowledge their love and the sacrifices they make to make his family happy.

Since we all know lockdown is restricting us all to go outside our homes and celebrate it with our fathers. So, let’s plan something special for your fathers, that will make him happy and yes you don’t have to go outside your home to make this day special for your father.

In this article, we are going to help you create a beautiful collection of memories spent with your father with some amazing iPhone photo editors. These applications will help you to create a unique collage or a picture by performing basic edits to the original pictures. Let’s see which apps can help you do this.

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Part1: Which apps will be useful when you edit your father's day photo

Snap seed is one of the best photo editors developed by Google. It’s been used by many professionals and graphic designers. Snapseed is one of the top choices of many Apple users as no doubt it offers you amazing and outstanding features for free. Yes, Snapseed is a free photo editor and that’s why it’s used by several users out there.


  • It provides you with 29 editing tools plus filters.
  • It supports JPG and RAW files.
  • This application supports 30+ languages including English.
  • It allows you to access tools like tune image, crop, rotate and adjust the color of the picture.

Price- This app is free of cost.


PicCollage photo editing application is a very nice option for the beginners out there. The application is available with the free as well as a paid option. In the paid version it offers great features and you can use them without any limitation. This professional photo editor app offers you so many multiple features like live real-time editing, image support and edits your pictures using different features to tune your image into a professional photo. Let’s, get into the features to understand it more briefly.


  • PicCollage offers you to edit the photos with ease directly on your iPhone.
  • While editing the photos you can undo the changes anytime and turn your picture into the original version.
  • You can edit father’s day wallpaper and apply cool special effects to the photos.
  • The app offers you thousands of inbuilt stickers and effects to use with your father’s day wallpaper.
  • The application offers you to use of a massive collection of customized filters.

Price- This app costs you $14.99.


VSCO is an all-rounder photo editor app, known as one of the top photo editors amongst all the editing applications. This is also a great option for you to create a father’s day wallpaper to surprise your father. With VSCO you can create creative and artistic pictures through advanced editing tools. You can also create short video gifs with this app and add required edits to the video. VISCO can help you take your raw pictures to another level by using editing tools.


  • Easily import your photos and choose multiple editing tools to edit your picture.
  • You can join VSCO membership to access VSCO’s preset library of 200+ presets.
  • It allows you to adjust the opacity and other elements of photos with ease.
  • Through your creations, you can also connect with your friends on this application.

Price- This application is free of cost.


Just like Affinity photo, Pixelmator is also a mobile version of the macOS system. It’s a powerful photo editor that offers all the features and lets you create layers of pictures, moreover, it allows you to enhance the raw pictures by using advanced editing tools to bring out the best image creations of your own.


      • It has stored templates of the app that you can use for your creations.
      • You can improve the pictures with the single-tap color correction presets.
      • You can improve the quality of the picture by removing noise, and facial blemishes with the picture repair tool.
      • You can edit pictures of up to 100 megapixels.

Price- This application is free of cost.


Now talking about the 5th top photo editor, Raw power works best for the professional photographers out there. This application was basically designed for professional photographers who can take up the raw picture and convert it into a fine, classy picture. It’s a fast-editing photo editor that can edit photos without importing the files, which means it can access the file by browsing the data. This app is best for the editing of JPEG’s format pictures.


      • This application will help you organize and manage your photos.
      • Raw power is one of the fastest and powerful image-editor.
      • With raw power, you can switch the platform or device while editing any file.
      • You can open and edit multiple files at once.

Price- Avatan costs you $29.


Part2:How to edit your pictures with Snapseed

We have listed down multiple applications that you can use to edit pictures for the father’s day lock screen wallpaper. In this part, we are going to tell you how you can edit the pictures smoothly with Snapseed.

Step 1:

Open up the Snapseed photo editor on your iPhone. You can see a green lead icon on the home screen of your device. Now as you open up the application, click on the plus icon to access pictures from the image folder of your iPhone.

Step 2:

Choose the picture that you want to edit on this app.

Step 3:

At the bottom of the screen, you can check three options (look, tools, and export). Click on the look tab to put the desired filter for your picture.

Look- It consists of all the filters that Snapseed offers you to use it. You can choose any of the filters.


Tools – In this part of the editing you are going to find many different tools and features that you can apply to the picture. It’s fun to explore each of the tools and find out which tools can give your picture a better definition.

Step 4:

Once you are satisfied with the editing of the picture, you can directly export your picture to the gallery of your iPhone. It’s very easy to edit your picture with this particular application. No doubt, through this app your picture gets a better definition.

In the screenshot below you can see three options after you click on the export button.

Save, export, and export as options are three ways of how you can create a copy of the picture on your phone. Any non-technical person can easily do this task by the above-mentioned simple steps.

The above-all discussed tools can edit the pictures on the iPhone. Here we are going to discuss that how you can edit the photos with one of the above tools. We are using Snapseed here to edit the photos.

You can also use the picture as the lock screen wallpaper of your father’s iPhone. Let’s, see the steps on how you can do it with any of the apps listed above:

Step 1: Once you are done with the editing of the picture, open the settings option from the home screen.


Step 2: Now choose the wallpaper option from the list.

Step 3: In the next step, tap on “choose a new wallpaper”.


      • Now select the wallpaper location. Here you have more options from the Apple picture library to choose your wallpaper.
      • From the options mentioned, choose your camera roll.
      • Now select the picture from the Snapseed folder.
      • Now here you have different options to present your picture.
      • Still- In this option, the picture will be displayed in a normal manner.
      • Perspective- This zooms in the picture.
      • Dynamic- Here it displays the changing photo.
      • Now drag and set the picture to set it here.


      • Now click on the settings button.
      • Choose the set lock screen option. Now you will see your wallpaper placed on the lock screen of your iPhone.



In this article, we explained to you various photo editors that you can use on your iPhone. The entire photo editor that we mentioned above can help you out with editing your favorite pictures. You can check out the details of all the applications by opening the link of each app.

After proper research, choose any app and there you go to edit the favorite pic of you with your dad. Also, if you want to create some beautiful memory of the celebration, you can record some memorable videos with FilmoraGo and edit the videos with the inbuilt video editor of the app.

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You can use multiple-tool like trim, crop, text, and transitions to add more value to the video. This way you can make your dad’s day special by doing these small efforts to make him feel that he is the most special person for you.

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