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How to Make an ASMR Video For Youtube

2021-04-14 18:10:12

Over the years, ASMR has been efficient in getting rid of insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression with millions of videos made based on it.

It has become the most searched video term on Youtube, ranking as #1 top inquiry in the USA and #5 worldwide.

If you want to hop on the trend and be a pro-ASMR artist, you need to be acquainted with the popular ASMR YouTube videos. Read on for the most popular type of ASMR video on YouTube.

  1. What Kind Of ASMR Video Are Most Popular On YouTube
  2. Essential Kits Needed When Making An ASMR Video.
  3. Edit The Video On FilmoraGo And Directly Share It To YouTube.

Section1. What Kind Of ASMR Video Are Most Popular On YouTube

  1. Whispering ASMR videos.

This entails an Asmrtists whispering softly in different tones and volumes which can be relaxing to the listener.

  1. Tapping ASMR Youtube videos.

A tapping ASMR video is characterized by tapping surfaces with the nail tip of the finger for a rhythmic sound.

  1. Eating ASMR videos.

Although some people get irritated by watching a person eat, others feel tranquil at the sound of slurping, chewing, cracking.

  1. Crinkling ASMR videos.

Crinkling triggers ASMR by rustling or creasing various crinkly materials such as aluminum foil, wrapping paper, or bubble wrap.

  1. Massage ASMR Youtube videos.

Massage videos are great ASMR triggers. It involves either giving someone a head or body massage or a self gentle face massage.

  1. Roleplay ASMR Youtube videos.

Roleplay ASMR videos feature roleplaying scenes of either a haircut session or a doctor's appointment.

  1. Scratching ASMR Youtube videos.

This ASMR trigger video portrays the sound of someone scratching their nails across a brush or a microphone.

  1. Humming ASMR videos

Depicted by a soft, melodic humming that serves as a nighttime lullaby to ASMR-triggered persons.

  1. Page-turning ASMR videos.

This video is usually characterized by the soft, rustling sound of a page when whirled.

  1. Skincare and makeup ASMR videos.

This entails swiping the brushes across the microphone, a skincare face message with a moisturizer,  gently laying on nail polish, or cosmetic destruction.

Once you are acquainted with the popular kinds of ASMR YouTube videos, you’d get an idea of what your video should reflect.

However, the major necessity for every ASMR YouTube video is the equipment needed whilst creating the video and we’ve got you covered on that aspect.

Section2. Essential Kits Needed When Making An ASMR Video.

  • A quality microphone.

The majority of ASMR triggers are auditory stimuli-based. To record an excellent ASMR sound, your microphone should be of high sensitivity, great quality with low self-noise.

A binaural microphone is perfect for ASMR videos in the view of giving your audience the vibe of actually being in the room with you.         

However, it’s ideal to use your microphone in a soundproof room or studio. However, if your room isn’t soundproof you can use a noise absorber to block off unwanted background noises.

For whispering ASMR videos, avoid being close up to the microphone to suppress your breath subduing the whisper.

  • A high-definition video camera

To shoot a visual-triggered ASMR video, you can use your iPhone camera or a third party camera taking in mind three important factors;

1.HD visual quality of the video.

2.Perfect lighting with excellent sound recording abilities.

3.Find the best spot in the room or shooting location of your choice to avoid shadowy reflections and high resonance and sound waves.

Section3. Edit The Video On FilmoraGo and Directly Share it to YouTube.

Although these gears are excellent for your ASMR video creation, it’s a prerequisite that you edit your ASMR youtube video to extract unwanted bloopers and add amazing features to reflect the mood your ASMR video is trying to induce.

Hence why we recommend FilmoraGo to give you convenient and easy-to-use video editing on your mobile devices.

FilmoraGo has every powerful feature an ASMR video requires, varying from outstanding editing tools to trim, split, merge or adjust your video playback speed to stunning features, excellent sound effects to discard undesirable noises, and a direct sharing control to YouTube.

 Download FilmoraGo from the app store and be a pro-ASMRists.

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