SAS ASMR Story: How ASMR YouTuber Rise and Make Money?

2021-04-14 18:18:04

SAS or SAS ASMR is a YouTuber from Canada. She has become popular due to her ASMR videos on YouTube. 

  1. Who is ASA( ASMR YouTuber)?
  2. How to Make a Successful ASMR Video Like SAS-ASMR
  3. How to Get More Subscribers to Your ASMR Channel?

Part1. Who is SAS (ASMR Youtuber)?

SAS has more than 5 million followers on her channel. Before taking up the career of YouTuber, she used to be a bartender. 

Just when ASMR videos became so popular across the globe, she decided to tap into it. Thus, she came up with a channel that primarily focused on ASMR and food. 

She launched the channel in 2016. As her video became viral, her followers increased for the SAS ASMR channel. 

At present, SAS runs two YouTube channels. One focuses on SAS ASMR, while the other documents her adventures in life through her vlogs. 

Her SAS-ASMR videos have more than 1 billion views and that keeps increasing. 

The channel is monetized by the number of subscribers and views she has. Apart from this, she also makes money from the ads on her channel. 

As she has more than 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 views in one year, she makes a great deal of money out of her videos. 


Part2. How to Make a Successful ASMR Video Like SAS ASMR?

If you want to create a successful ASMR video channel like SAS ASMR, here are a few tips you can use. 

1. Understand How ASMR Videos Work

A big aspect of these videos is the sound. 

Crunching, slurping, or chewing sounds are the sounds that people make when they eat their food. At times these sounds can provide a hypnotic tingling sensation. 

A pure ASMR video focuses on the visuals, sound, and food textures. They mainly cater to the aesthetics enabling the viewers to taste the food that they usually would not have had. 

Thus, these videos have to be highly scripted to captivate the viewers the soothing effects of the sensations produced. The artists creating these videos create varied content. 

A few just whisper or talk to the audience while others create sound using their hand. There are a few role-play ASMR videos, too. However, the eating videos solely focus on the food and sound you create while eating them. 

2. Use Your Voice the Right Way

To ensure your voice stimulates ASMR, you need to pay attention to volume, speed, emotion, and tone. This makes viewers feel that you can be trusted. 

So, it causes them to relax.  In simple terms, your voice has to be the opposite of angry. Keep it positive and gentle. It should be empathetic, caring, and sympathetic. 

The volume of an angry voice is generally loud. This might be the reason why whispers are associated with ASMR. So, you can see that the tone and emotion that stimulate ASMR have the strictest criteria. The volume can be normal or low. 

3. Creating the Right Sounds

Sounds come under two different categories, methodical and natural. Natural sounds tend to ape the natural vagaries of the actual sound. 

This can be complex, random, and unsteady in a way that simulates the sound of opening a package or haircut. 


However, methodical sounds get their relaxing ability from predictability. These sounds are slow, steady, and non-layered. A steady and slow tapping or crinkling sound might be quite effective at relaxing one’s mind. 

4. Choose the Right Recording Environment

You might be recording your video in the comfort of your room. But there is a difference between recording a regular video and an ASMR video. You have to make sure your recording room helps you create professional-quality sounds. 

Get rid of the background noises just by shutting down things that make noises like washing machines or fans. 


To ensure there are sounds of cars on the street, record them late at night. However, if you have a soundproof room, you will not have to worry about all these. These are the tips to make successful videos like SAS ASMR.

Part3. How to Get More Subscribers to Your ASMR Channel?

As viewers browse through the list of videos in the search result, the title of the video will help in deciding if they will click on it or not. So, make sure you have an attractive thumbnail. 


When you get viewers, you have to take steps to get subscribers. You May Also Like:  ASMR Kit – Which Microphone is used for ASMR?

Also, publish high-quality content to get more views on the channel as SAS ASMR does. 

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