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2021-06-23 21:49:16

  1. How to Look Stylish and Casual - That’s What OOTD Show
  2. Korean OOTD - a Major Trend in Korean Video
  3. European and American OOTD Styles Also Shine

Part1. How to Look Stylish and Casual - That’s What OOTD Show

How to look stylish and casual? Many women around the world are putting a lot of effort into choosing and wearing OOTD casual yet stylish clothing. 

Nowadays, strong global clothing trends are a must for these women. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Japanese OOTD

Japanese clothing trends, however, are upbeat and creative.

You’ll see many men and women in their bright-colored outfits along with mismatched accessories for an emphasized style that is so distinct among the Japanese casual style trends.  

Most often, it is considered a form of self-expression. 

For Samantha Mariko, the very traits of these clothes are not the goal; rather, they are the effect.

2. Korean OOTD

Korean clothes, in particular, means individuality with attitude. And when combined with the right shoes and accessories, the resulting outfit is something that is bound to be so unforgettable. 

It’s not surprising that a lot of women all over the world fancy Suesasha, one of the most influential vloggers in Korean fashion when it comes to style.

3. European OOTD

Europeans are known for their unique casual clothing style. They tend to dress in upscale, classy clothes. Whether you're going to Europe on a trip or you'd like to incorporate their OOTD casual style.

Aside from fashion, Zoella also covers more varied and controversial subjects about health and life.

4. American OOTD

Americans dress casually. Why? Because clothes are freedom—freedom to choose how they present themselves to the world; freedom to blur the lines between man and woman, old and young, rich and poor. 

Fiorella Zelaya tackles her daily life happily with awesome OOTD in her vlogs.

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Part2. Korean OOTD -- A Major Trend In Korean Video

With tastefully simple makeup looks, it’s no doubt many women subscribe to their favorite Korean vloggers. Korean OOTD videos have a bit of everything: a series of fashion trends and updates, quick beauty fixes, and occasional vlogs that are perfect for watching on lazy days. 

1. Suesasha

Suesasha charmed YouTube viewers with her individualistic aesthetic fashion sense as seen in her series of OOTD videos just about a year ago. In addition to her stylish outfits and effortlessly chic makeup, she also shares wholesome moments with her baby, Etna.

2.  Leean

Racking up views with some of her earliest makeup and hair tutorials, Leean has become one of the most exciting Korea-based YouTube influencers in 2017.

Besides posting her beauty tutorials, travel videos, and college life vlogs, Leean also shares some of her hobbies including dancing and drumming on her channel.

3. Heejoo

Heejoo is known for her unique, unconventional makeup styles in her YouTube tutorials. You can often find her shooting videos in Spanish, as well as vlogs with fellow YouTubers.

Part3. European and American OOTD Styles Also Shine

Both American and European beauty and fashion OOTD videos are very helpful to many women who simply want to know and practice the trend with their favorite influencers. The OOTD videos have an upbeat vibe and are friendly, inviting warmth to them. 

Much like their Asian counterpart, Western OOTD casual and fashion style has been making such an impact on the Internet to its millions of followers and subscribers on social media as part of their daily fashion and beauty routine.

1. Kendall Jenner

Just like sisters, Kendall has also been making waves and setting beauty trends in the past years ever since she began modeling.

Her beauty vlogs and OOTD videos and photos have garnered millions of viewers and followers in many countries worldwide.

2. Tess Christine

Beauty and fashion YouTuber Tess Christine started her YouTube channel in April of 2011 which earned over 2.3 million subscribers. Tess has been sharing her latest styles and OOTD tips in her beauty videos.

3. Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal Beauty is a British YouTube vlogger and has over 800,000 followers on Instagram. A popular beauty influencer based in England, Kaushal Beauty's YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. She has posted creative content that tackles beauty, DIY, and OOTD casual tips that delight her followers across the world.


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