Best Vlogging Camera in 2023 That Makes You Appear Like a Pro

2023-02-24 15:30:56

The best vlogging camera comes in all shapes and sizes. It all depends on the type of content you want to create and your shooting style. In this blog series, we will introduce different types of cameras based on the professions.

The Most Suitable One is the Best One

When it comes to shopping for the best digital camera, it can be overwhelming for both beginner and professional photographers. There are different types of cameras based on your vlogging needs and required content. Consequently, the best camera is always the one which is most suitable for your requirement. Even your smartphone camera can do the job if the vlog doesn't require top-notch quality or features. 

However, if you have to create daily vlogs featuring your everyday activities, a heavier and professional-grade camera would be better. On the other hand, if you have to create different destinations’ vlogs, a lightweight camera would be ideal. So, decide the type of camera based on what you create. This takes us to our second section where we would explore a variety of cameras for different professions. 

Camera Selection for Different Professions

1. Camera For MakeUp Vlogs

The best camera for makeup artists can be the one with the best beautifying effects and features. One such camera is Canon EOS 80D which is highly recommended by seasoned makeup artists and also used by them for their vlogs. It is a bit expensive if you have a tight budget but will leave your audience awestruck, justifying the tag of $749. 


    Dual Pixel Auto-Focus

    Faster processor (Digic 6)

    Rugged body

    Organized menu

    Good low light performance



    No 4K

2. Camera For Travel Vlogs

Travel vloggers require a lightweight and portable camera for their shoots. Canon’s mirrorless EOS M series priced at $849 is ideal for travelers in which they do not have to lug around too much gear. It is very easy to carry and has plenty of features. 


    High-resolution camera

    32.5MP Dual Pixel AF CMOS sensor

    Optional electronic viewfinder

    Useful tilting touchscreen

    USB 2.0 port with Type-C connector


    No headphone socket

    Relatively few lenses

3. Camera For Cooking Vlogs

Food vloggers feature their cooking videos on social media platforms. It is ideal to have an anti-shake camera that captures videos statically. One of the popular choices of food videographers is 5D Mark IV. Delivering 4K video files with details and incredible clarity, this $2,499 camera can capture all kinds of food textures.


    Dual Pixel CMOS AF

    30.4 MP Full-frame CMOS sensor

    4K motion JPEG video

    3.2” Touch Panel LCD


    Very expensive

    Default JPEGs are a bit soft

    Dual memory card slots require different formats

4. Camera For Lifestyle Vlogs

If you are a lifestyle vlogger, you should consider a portable camera with a flip screen. Fujifilm's X-Series X-S10 is a mirrorless flip screen camera. It rotates not only on 180-degrees but also has the ability to switch for the whole range of views, both up and down. It comes for $1,399 with exceptional image stabilization. 


    10-bit color

    Interchangeable lenses

    Movable screen to several angles


    Limited battery life

    Small viewfinder

    Limited custom buttons

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