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YouTube to MP3 Cutter: How to Cut YouTube Video and Save to MP3 Format

2021-06-09 17:10:47

Trimming YouTube videos in MP3 format can be a challenging task. It can be more difficult for beginner-level video editors who lack insights.

Several users think that YouTube videos themselves and converting them into MP3 format are two separate tasks, meaning that they need to find a video editor and another converter to assist them in finishing a job. Well, that’s a myth.

Editors can use a similar link to import the YouTube videos, trim them, convert them into MP3 format and save them.

Choosing a suitable editor can help do the converting in just a few clicks. This blog series will help you discover a few credible YouTube video trimmers and steps to convert the videos into MP3 format. 

Part1. Which Websites Support Cut YouTube Video And Save as MP3 Format?

There are certain reliable video editors that support YouTube video trimming, exporting, and saving it in MP3 format. Some of the video editors are listed below. 

1. Wondershare Filmora online video trimmer – Highly Recommended Video Editing Tool by Experts

Wondershare Filmora URL: 

Wondershare FilmoraGo video editing software tool is one of the easiest applications. Seasoned videographers highly recommend it as it has several powerful features, including trimming videos online.

It can be the go-to solution for beginner and experienced editors to cut favorite YouTube videos under 100MB limit and convert them to MP3 file format.

It has all the elements that offer basic and advanced digital editing, permitting users to export trimmed videos in more than 40 formats, including MP3. 

 Some of the advanced features of Wondershare FilmoraGo online video trimmer include trimming, cutting, pasting, recording, and editing of the video effects, including amplification, pitch, and fading adjustments, among others as you like.

After adding the effects, users can export the video in the required format. Common steps to trim videos on YouTube to MP3 cutter includes the following: 

  • Step no. 1: Upload or drag and drop the video
  • Step no. 2: Select top and tail points
  • Step no. 3: Export the video in the desired format

2. YT Cutter  

YT Cutter URL: 

Another credible YouTube video trimmer and downloader, YT Cutter is one of the reliable software tools. With its clean, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface, it comes with several downloading options. 

The video trimming tool assists all types of editors, especially those who are inexperienced. Some of the video trimming tool features include cutting and downloading the YouTube movies online, high cropping precision, working online without registration or sign up, and saving cropped parts in your device seamlessly.

The steps are very clear and easy to follow, which are listed below.

  • Step no. 1: Paste the YouTube video’s URL
  • Step no. 2: Click on the start or end buttons or set time
  • Step no. 3: Preview and Download the video

3. Kapwing

Kapwing URL:

Kapwing is one of the popular YouTube videos trimming tool which lets you convert any clip in any form. Some of the video files include an image, audio track, or a GIF.

Using such a video editor, you can trim the videos you have saved on your tablet, computer, phone, or simply the YouTube video URL. With Kapwing, trimming is easy because of the simple interface. 

The software tool is popular among editors for being free, no advertisements, and most importantly no watermarks.

Majority of the free editors for use usually have a watermark in the final version of the videos. However, Kapwing ensures conversion of the video without any label. Some of the steps include the following:

  • Step no. 1: Find the file or copy the YouTube link
  • Step no. 2: Select the Export type
  • Step no. 3: Export and Share

Part2. Steps of Cutting YouTube Video to MP3 Format

As mentioned above, Wondershare Filmora online video trimmer is one of the most used tools by the beginner and experienced editors, it also has very easy steps to cut the YouTube video in the required MP3 format.

The software tool does not involve any advertisements and is free from any label or watermark, making it popular among users. 

We briefly explained the steps above and will now discuss them in detail below.

Step no. 1: Upload or Drag and Drop the Video URL

The first step to trimming the video online is to either drag and drop the video URL or upload the video online from another device. This step will be quicker if you know where the file is placed - if it is downloaded - or you have the URL right in front of you. 

Step no. 2: Select Top and Tail Points

This is the step where you will do the actual task – trimming the video as per your choice.

Once the video appears on the interface you uploaded or entered in the URL form, you are supposed to move the cursor to the very point you want to start trimming the video. 

Chop off the video with the help of the slider, and you will be able to cut your video accurately. 

Step no. 3: Select Done and Export the Video in the Desired Format

After the editor is done doing the trimming of the video, it is time to convert the YouTube video to MP3 cutter format. Just hit the “Done” and “Export” buttons and then select the required output format. 

And you will see that the video is downloaded on your device without any watermark and in premium quality. The video quality doesn’t get affected using this advanced video trimming tool, FilmoraGo.

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With the help of this advanced software tool, thousands of editors have created appealing and cinematic videos using hundreds of features such as cutting, trimming, combining, and splitting.

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