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10 FAQs of Trim and Download YouTube Video on iPhone/Android

2021-05-26 10:06:07

Do you want to trim your YouTube video? Or want to know why it is taking so much time to process the YouTube video, read our frequently asked questions. 

10 FAQs About YouTube Video Trimming on iPhone or Android

1. Why can’t I Trim Video on YouTube?

Yes, it is possible to trim YouTube videos. You will have to use the editor and choose YouTube trim. Just go to Video Manager and click edit on the video you would like to trim. You can slide the blue bars on the timeline to choose the portion you want to have on the video.

There is also the option to use the split feature that splits the video into different segments. Delete the segments that you don’t want to include in the YouTube trim video. After you are done with the YouTube trim video, save the edited video and upload it on YouTube. 

However, the work becomes so much easier when you use a good editor for the job. By installing it on your desktop or laptop, you can use it for YouTube trim tasks before uploading the video. The in-built editor is a little clunky and might be difficult to work with. 

2. How Long Does it Take to Process Videos on YouTube?

YouTube processing time varies based on the format of the initial video, upload traffic, and file size. This can range from a few minutes to several hours. Also, a higher resolution format is going to render more slowly. For instance, 1080p will take much longer than 480p.

A simple rule of thumb is a minute of processing for every one minute of the video. Every time you increase the resolution, you double that time. Thus, plan on at least a minute of process time for every minute of the video. 

In case you have a popular YouTube channel, a good idea is to set your video to Private until the processing is complete. This keeps the viewers from viewing the 240p version. 

3. What to Do If My YouTube Video is Struck at Processing?

In case the video is taking more than 8 hours to upload and is stuck on 0% the whole time, it is highly likely that it will not upload. In that case, delete the file to try again. We would recommend you delete the video being uploaded after a few hours of failed processing. Wait until the next day to give it another try. 

You can also try to fix it but it can be a little more complicated. Here is how you can fix a YouTube video that is stuck at processing. 

  • Reset the router
  • Perform a speed test to find out about the upload speed before you start with the process
  • Try to convert the video to a separate format
  • Compress the video a little more and edit down its run time
  • Opt for a different browser to upload the video

Hopefully one of these methods will work for you. 

4. How to complete YouTube Trim Task after Video is Uploaded?

So, you have created a video but just want to share sections with the viewers after you have uploaded it on YouTube. Well, you can easily do this with the help of a YouTube editor and leave the section that you would like to show to the viewer. 

Here is what you have to do, 

Log into the YouTube channel
Click the video manager
Choose the video you would like to trim
Click on edit
Go over to enhancement
Click on YouTube trim
Drag the left handle on the time to 1min 10 sec and drag the right to 2 min 10 sec.
Click on Save to create the new enhanced video while keeping the initial video untouched. 

5. Can I Upload a 2 Hour Video on YouTube?

YouTube default settings can upload a video that is 15 minutes long. For uploading a video that is 2 hours long, you can try out the process given below. 

YouTube default settings can upload a video that is 15 minutes long. For uploading a video that is 2 hours long, you can try out the process given below.
Go over to the upload page or click on
Now, you have to verify your account using your phone. You can select between receiving verification code using text messages on a mobile phone and choosing to get an automated voice message on your mobile device. 

Once you are done increasing the limit, get an updated version of the browser. This will enable you to upload files greater than 20GB. You can upload a file of up to 128 GB and the maximum limit is 11 hours. 

In case that does not work, get a premium YouTube account. This will let you upload longer videos. 

6. Can I Leave YouTube While My Video is Still Processing?

Yes, you can leave YouTube while the video is still in process but you need to make sure that the upload was fully complete. 

At times, due to a poor internet connection, the upload might fail. However, YouTube is unaware of this and goes into the processing phase. In such a case, YouTube is going to report that the processing is stuck and you might not even come to know until you log into the platform once again. 

7. Can I Edit Downloaded Videos from YouTube? 

So, you want to download a published video and edit it to include it in your own creation. Well, there might not be any official button that will let you download the video, there are other ways to download and edit it. 

To download, this is what you have to do, 

Find the video and copy the URL. Paste it into a word-processing document to keep it safe.
Download a tool like RealPlayer to download the video.
Open the video and reload it once you have installed RealPlayer. Take the cursor to the right-hand corner and you find the Real Player logo and a download option. the video will start to download, automatically.
Now, this is what you have to do to edit the videos,
You can use video-editing software like FilmoraGo.
Cut, edit, and clips as per your choice. 

Once you are done, make it public on YouTube.

8. How to Make Video Upload Faster on YouTube from iPhone?

Uploading YouTube videos can be frustrating at times due to the time it takes. File upload is tied to two challenges, internet connection, and file size. Let’s check out each. 

Analyze the video and its size
Use an editor and cut large files into many small files
Compress the files
Check the internet connection

9. Which is the Best App to Edit YouTube Videos?

The best app for editing YouTube videos is FilmoraGo. This app comes with all the required features. It is the perfect app for casual and beginner YouTubers. The app is easy to use. 

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10. How Long Does it Take for a YouTube Trim Task to complete one video?

Basic video editing might take 30 minutes to an hour for every minute of the finished video. A more advanced editing task is going to take much longer for the YouTube trim task. 

Wrapping Up

If you have to trim and edit your YouTube videos, the best app you can use is FilmoraGo. It supports different formats. The intuitive interface of the software makes it easier to use the app. It comes with powerful video editing features that will give you the perfect YouTube video in no time. A YouTube trim task on FilmoraGo is no hassle and only takes a few minutes. 

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