9 Best Video Merger App for Free in 2023

2023-02-24 15:27:02

A video merger app is a thankful manna from heaven. Video merger apps are popularly used to combine multiple videos.

Have we ever seen those great movie edits from a fan page of that particular movie?

Different amazing scenes combine to create a great edit, more distinctive than the trailer of the movie.

Merging multiple videos gives you a movie-like final result, whether it’s your graduation clips, or clips, wedding clips or, just random clips.

Go ahead and make that masterpiece.

However, before diving into the world of video merging, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of each video being combined.

We’ve highlighted a few tips on how to merge videos without losing quality.

Tips for merge videos without losing quality

1. Trim the video and remove the unwanted parts. The video size should be almost equal because a more extensive video size might diminish a smaller video size.
2. Reposition each video adequately on the screen.
3. Select the video from your library one by one instead of simultaneously. A multiple-selected video results not only in reduction of quality but also mismatched clips.

Those are the few tips on how to maintain the quality of the merged video.

However, the main point is the kind of video merging app you use.

Not every video merger app works efficiently and, you could lose your video in the process of merging.

Hence why we’ve provided you with the top eight free video merger app.

Read on.

What is the best video merger app that puts videos together?

1.  Wondershare FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a free user-friendly video editing app that supports three versions of Android, iPhone and, iPad.

FilmoraGo supports 4k image quality. Hence you can rest assured of a high-quality video.

Not only do you get to merge multiple videos with FilmoraGo, but you can also combine your multiple videos with audio from FilmoraGo’s free music library or your iTunes music library.

Another perk is that you can adjust your composite video’s duration and speed with free transition effects to make your video pop.

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2. Vivavideo

Vivavideo is a video editing app for both Android and iOS devices. Vivavideo's most prominent editing tool amongst others is the merge option.

You can combine your videos and also insert music simultaneously. Vivavideo supports 4k image quality and is free to download on both PlayStore and the App store.

3. Magisto

Magisto is a full-featured video editing and music slideshow maker application that supports both Android and iOS devices. 

Magisto tells the story of your multiple videos in a combined beautiful 4k quality. It is free to download on both stores and supports 4k image quality.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo for Android and iOS devices is a video app similar to Youtube. You get to upload your videos online, merge them with music and upload them to the platform.

Vimeo is free to download, and you can Livestream your video in 4k ultra HD quality.

5. Video merge

Video merge is an android video app specifically to merge multiple videos with audio if required.

Video merge app provides you with multiple video resolutions to export your video in, so you can rest assured of a 4k quality. 

It’s free to download from the Play Store, and, in addition, you can also play around with its bonus effects to give your video a shine.

6. VidTrim- Video Editor

VidTrim is an excellent video merger app solely for Android to create a beautiful merged video. VidTrim allows you to combine your video with audio as well with a 4k quality final export video.

VidTrim is free to download and easy to use.

7. Video Cut- Video Editor and Trim video

Video Cut is a free video editor that supports both iOS and Android devices in merging multiple videos.

Video Cut allows you to merge videos, pictures, and music simultaneously in 4k image quality.

8. VideoShow

VideoShow is a free video editing application with excellent editing tools and features to create a stunning video.

VideoShow supports iOS and Android devices and allows you to merge multiple videos simultaneously with any music of your choice in 4k ultra HD quality.

9. Splice

Splice is a powerful video editor that allows you to create your story beautifully by combining multiple videos and adding the right background audio.

Splice supports both iOS and Android devices with a 4k HD quality and, can be downloaded for free from both stores.


The top eight free video merger app that puts video together transforms your videos into a Golden globes worthy masterpiece.

The top being FilmoraGo, is not only intuitive and easy-to-use but is equipped with tons of powerful video effects to turn your video into a mini-trailer.

Download FilmoraGo from the App store now and pop out your creative side. 

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