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How to Download TikTok Video Without Watermark on iPhone/Mac

2021-05-17 15:28:28

Tiktok video download without watermark remains a top query on search engines. Tiktok mobile app acts much like video editing equipment. You can download and share TikTok videos across various social media platforms. However, the watermark below every Video becomes disquieting for many users. Tiktok seems to have everything right apart from the watermark. However, TikTok video download without a watermark is possible. Here's how you can do it:

The first easy step to eliminate the TikTok watermark is by cropping the video size. There are other methods of removing the watermark, such as;

●   There is also a choice to blur the Video instead of cropping the Video. Using video software, you can blur any part of the Video.

●    In cases where the watermark appears at the beginning or end of the Video, you do not need to crop the video size. Alternatively, you can directly cut the specific part where the watermark appears. Video tools such as Video cutter can be of help.

●   You may opt to add your watermark on top of the watermark.

●   If you choose to blur the watermark, you can opt to add keyframes to cover the watermark area.

Method 1: Remove the Watermark by Cropping the Video Size

To remove the watermark by cropping, you need first to confirm the location of the watermark. It's only possible to crop out the watermark located on the edge of the Video.

You can then opt to crop the watermark using video editing software tools. Select the watermark area and cut off. This method will reduce the size of the Video.

How to cropping video on iPhone  

You can get the FilmoraGo app on the App Store for iPhones running on iOS 8 and above. The app enables you to crop any watermark, logo, or icon on the video.

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First, import a video with a Tiktok watermark to the app.

Second, Locate and Select the watermark part of the video.

Third, Click the button at the bottom right corner of the video interface to cut out the watermarked part. If you modify the ratio of the video first, you can also click the ‘Canva’ button at the bottom of the page and select the ‘Format’ button

How to cropping video on Mac

If you want to remove TikTok videos on your Mac, you can open FilmoraX, import the video, use the Zoom function, and crop the size of the video, thereby cropping the watermark on the upper left of the TikTok video.

First, Launch Filmorax and Import the Video with a tiktok watermark

Second, Add the video to the Timeline

Third, Click the video you have already added to the timeline and select the Crop option. Be careful in choosing the ratios while excluding the watermark.

Finally, Choose Ok when done. Preview the video on the timeline and observe if the watermark was removed.

The process is simple, and you do not need to be an expert in video editing to do this. Using FilmoraX video editing software, you can crop the watermark much easier.

This method completely removes the watermark from your video. However, it's also important to note that cropping also removes a part of the video.  Filmora X is amongst these tools, but choosing to crop may mean losing essential parts of the video. This effect becomes a reality, especially if the watermark appears on the video track.

Method 2: Remove the Watermark by Reducing the visibility on Mac

The primary aim of this process is to enable Tiktok video download without a tiktok watermark. These methods do not entirely remove the watermark but reduce visibility. They are as follows;

Blur the Watermark

The watermark will remain, but you'll not see it easily. Filmora X has the Mosaic feature that makes it easy to blur all screen graphics such as logo, watermarks, and icons.  To do this;

●      Locate and click the Effects button on top of the screen and then select utility and finally Mosaic.

●      On the Mosaic thumbnail, click the plus icon. You may also opt to drag and drop the plus icon directly on the track above the video.

If you do this successfully, a mosaic square automatically appears on the preview window. You can then adjust its size accordingly. You can follow the same process in removing all other watermarks in the video. You can then adjust the blur amount and type. After this, click OK if you're confident with the changes.

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Replace the watermark

Cropping the watermark may not necessarily be ideal because you will lose a section of the frame. The other effective method is by applying your customized watermark, like your icon, company logo, or brand name. This option is worthwhile as you retain your video shoot.

●      Create a new logo, icon, or brand name. Using the Import Media feature, you should then import the new watermark. Then place the new watermark on the timeline.

●      After successfully importing the new watermark, take the next step, and choose the duration. The new watermark duration should last as long as the old watermark. This step ensures the old watermark remains covered the whole time the video plays.

●       The newly imported watermark appears on the preview window. You can then drag the new watermark and place it directly on top of the old watermark. Adjust it accordingly to cover the watermark completely. Click, OK when done.


Tiktok video download without a watermark becomes easy when using Filmora X. Filmora X is the best-recommended method because it's safe and works excellently, especially for iPhone and Mac users. Filmora X also has advanced professional video editing tools and features. Moreover, FilmoraX offers more than one option of removing the watermark, preserving your video size and quality.

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