Ideas for OOTD(Outfit of the Day) 2023

2023-02-24 15:29:59

If you are a fashion vlogger, then you may have burnt out of OOTD video ideas. After all, when you have to keep producing quality OOTD videos, you need to ensure coming up with new and creative themes for your viewers every time. You should always be on the lookout for new video ideas. With just a little brainstorming, you can get fresh OOTD video ideas to begin entertainment for your audience. 

If you have been thinking hard already and feel that all your new ideas have been implemented before, you will find this blog series helpful. Here are a few great OOTD video ideas that can help you post videos regularly on your vlog channel. 

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1.  A Peek Behind the OOTD Video

One of the unique OOTD videos for your channel can be letting your audience see behind the scenes of the videos you create. These behind-the-scenes videos can be exciting and interesting for your audience to watch as they will get to see what you do in the background to compose the final version.

You can show them how you select the outfits, setting of the background, matching jewelry, and much more to come up with a creative video for your audience. Such videos can also be an inspiration for other viewers. 

2.  Daily Outfits with Background

How about changing outfits with different suitable backgrounds? If you wear multiple hats a day, you can compose a video on those looks. Your viewers would love to see what you wear while handling multiple responsibilities.

Wear a suitable outfit while working in the kitchen, show them your office look on your workstation, brag your shopping look, dinner date look with your bae or friends, and lastly how you dress at night in your bed. This short creative clip can help your viewers see how you carry yourself the whole day.

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3.  HandBags Challenge with Different Outfits

As the title implies, this OOTD video challenge can help viewers see the number of bags you have. Wear trendy outfits in the video and let your audience what kind of bags they can carry with every outfit. In such videos, you can help them understand that they do not need a matching bag every time. 

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4.  30 Days Challenge to Dress Differently 

This can be an amazing OOTD video challenge for the viewers. In this creative theme, you can dress differently each day throughout the month. Choose everyday dresses according to the season.

Mix and match old flames and classic staples in your vlogs. In this challenge, you can also take other vloggers onboard and make them fall in love with their closet all over again. Tag them by dressing differently each day and make it viral!

5.  Daily Wear of School Students

You may have a channel that is being watched by women of all ages, and that may include young girl subscribers too. This challenge can help them. Give them ideas on how they can creatively wear their school uniforms. This can be a tough OOTD video to compose but you can always play with the hairdos, jewelry, backpacks, socks, shoes, and of course a little bit of makeup.

6.  Daily wear of Business While-Collar Workers

This can be a really helpful OOTD video showcasing workwear fashion inspiration for women who wear business casual and professional clothing. Show your audience how they can achieve a look that gives them the right balance between formal and casual, providing all-day comfort. Give ideas to your audience regarding their daily office clothes, handbags, jewelry, hairdo and much more!

7.  Pick a Dress and Style in Multiple Ways

This can be common but the most popular OOTD videos for the vloggers. Just like other fashion creators, you can also pick one item from your closet, style it and demonstrate it in various ways. You can choose anything – a blazer or your top – that most of your audience would have in their wardrobes and creatively style it. Stay true to your fashion sense and do not copy others. Only feature pieces that you really like to wear in your vlog. 

8. Recreate a Celebrity Look Challenge

Another most trending OOTD video is copying a celebrity look for your channel. Of course, their look is quite expensive but you can always come up with something similar to their outfits and recreate their look for your audience. Look for a picture of your celebrity in a similar dress as you have, use the same clothing item and replicate the look. This activity has proven to be a success for the majority of fashion Vloggers.

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9.  Build an Outfit from Scratch

Sounds tough? It isn't. Well, there is something really interesting watching someone make an outfit from scratch. To create this type of OOTD video, you can begin with sweatpants and pyjamas, which is the easiest. Then you can keep flipping to new shots, adding each item until your full look is complete. These videos can soon become your signature fashion content videos. 

10.  Show How to Pose in Different Outfits 

This OOTD video can be really beneficial for beginner fashion vloggers. When you would show them how you pose for a different style of outfits, they would love it. You can either show pics through a slideshow of photos or in a video form, it can help your audience in both ways. 


Now that you have gotten enough OOTD video ideas for your vlog channel, we hope you implement them and entertain your audience. If you want to add really exciting features and effects to your OOTD videos, try and downloading the FilmoraGo App on your mobile phone today and amaze your fans!

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