ASMR Darling Story: How ASMR YouTuber Rise and Make Money

2021-04-14 17:59:24

Part1. Who is ASMR Darling?

ASMR Darling is a Youtube channel run by a young woman called Taylor Darling. She resides in Danbury, Florida and her youtube channel currently has over 3 million subscribers. Her youtube channel features ASMR content that helps her subscribers relax and fall asleep.

Taylor Darling creates videos that contain ASMR triggers such as her whispering soothing words into a microphone, squeezing aluminum foil, nail tapping amongst others. 

This channel is able to attract a huge amount of followers because apart from creating good quality videos, she is one of the first YouTubers to delve into creating ASMR content. 

ASMR videos can last for 15 minutes to 3 hours to enable viewers to fall asleep while watching them. It has been reported that such videos help relieve headaches, reduce stress, help with sleep and even improve a person’s mood.

Part2. How does ASMR darling make money from her channel?

As a YouTuber, there are three ways Taylor Darling makes money from her channel:

1. She could be making money through the Youtube Partner program. 

The program allows YouTubers to be paid according to views and through advertisements placed on their videos. 

There are two ways of making money through advertisements, CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand views). Using the CPM advertisement, a viewer must watch an ad for more than 30 seconds for it to count as a view, while the CPC advertisement requires viewers to click on ads surrounding the video for it to count. Youtube takes 45% of whatever a YouTuber makes from advertisements. 

Youtubers also get paid through Adsense.

2.Youtube affiliate marketing is another way she could make money from her channel. 

This method of making sales involves an online store paying a YouTuber for sales or traffic made from the YouTuber’s referrals. 

Referrals are done when a YouTuber mentions a product in a video and drops a link or a referral code to use while purchasing the product. 

The online retailer pays the YouTuber based on how many people click the link and buy the product, as well as a commission, got from the sold products. 

3 . Youtube Sponsorships

This is when a brand pays a YouTuber to advertise their product in a video. YouTubers usually charge brands per 1000 views. 

Part3. How to make a Video like ASMR Darling

ASMR is one of the fast-growing trends on Youtube right now and to create your own ASMR video you will need these basic things:

1.The source: to create good quality ASMR you have to make sure the source of sounds you would like to create is clear and very sharp. You would also have to add a bit of performance so your videos come out as relaxing and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

2.The Room: ASMR recordings should be done in a quiet, aesthetically pleasing room. Proper mic placement in the room should also be ensured to avoid room resonance or standing waves.

3.The Equipment: As a beginner, your phone can be used to record ASMR content but the best option will always be a good quality microphone.

4.The Editing Software: after making your videos you will have to edit them before uploading them online. FilmoraGo is an application that simplifies all the difficult tasks and helps you quickly edit your video to the best quality.

There are different types of ASMR and each ASMR content creator uses different styles and triggers. Being authentic will help you grow faster on youtube than copying someone else’s style. Ensuring that your videos are properly edited will also attract more viewers. It may take some time but your channel is sure to grow.

Part4. USE FilmoraGo to Edit your first ASMR Video!

 So you've finally recorded your first ASMR video, the next step would be to edit it. A beginner-friendly app that lets you achieve a professional result is FilmoraGo. Download it if you do not already have it and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the app and click on the New Project button at the bottom of the screen and select the video you would like to edit.

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Step 2: After selecting the files, click the Import button at the bottom of the screen to import the video to the timeline. 

On the timeline, the pictures and videos can be edited using the various tools located at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 3: The next step would be to get rid of unwanted clips by trimming them. The trim tool is located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: To add music or a voice-over to the video using the Music tool at the bottom of the screen. Once you select the tool you will see options to choose music or record a voice note for your video.

Step 5: Another distinct feature of this app is the settings option. Here you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of videos and pictures for the best quality.

Step 6: After editing your video, ensure to preview it to correct any mistakes. Click on the export button at the top right corner of the screen and your video will be successfully saved on your device. Now you can upload it for your viewers to enjoy.

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