ASMR Eating Video: Make Money by Eating Food?

2021-04-07 10:46:59

ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response food videos are highly popular in America.  There is a similar trend in South Korea.

Mukbang is a popular type of video where the host, who is an ordinary person with a regular job, prepares and consumes abounding food on a live stream as they make the best food-eating noises or talking to their viewers.

Abounding food might be an understatement. Some people eat enormous food.

ASMR had been created for helping people experience a certain tingling but pleasurable sensation in the brain and immerse them in certain sounds.

The peculiar sounds are recorded using microphones. This creates an audio sensation that is just like being in the room with the person who is speaking on the video. To succeed, you just need a combination of extra-realistic sound quality and a butter-smooth voice.

Even though it is well-documented some people just cannot stand the sound of other people having food. However, there are people experiencing the opposite. They don’t just seem to get enough of it.

The sounds and visuals of strangers eating appeal to many people. Some people find validation of the foods that they eat in the speed and amount that they prefer.

  1. Why is Food ASMR So Popular and How They Make Money?
  2. Making ASMR Videos

1. Why is Food ASMR So Popular and How They Make Money?

ASMR eating videos are drawing millions of fans on places like Snapchat or YouTube.

The trend is making stars out of vloggers such as Taylor, a 20-year Floridian who has a soft giggle and goes by the name ASMR Darling.

She just made a 21-minute long video where she chats with viewers while slurping her favorite icy Dr. Pepper.

Food-focused ASMR eating content has grabbed the attention of companies such as Pepsi, KFC, and Tastemade. So, they have come up with their own ASMR-style videos.

Some people watch ASMR videos to relax.

ASMR artists can make money from the YouTube partnership where the site shares as revenue with the video markers. The hashtag #ASMR appears on Instagram 6.2 million times. A few YouTubers earn full-time incomes from their ASMR channels.

People experiencing ASMR have been aware of it since childhood. ASMR is followed by a joyful, deep, and meditative state of relaxation. ASMR followers use trigger videos for falling asleep or for treating depression or anxiety.

From a psychological point of view, it has the potential to tell you how the brain is wired up for various senses integrated together.

This is what has made ASMR videos popular over the internet. ASMR is about many lovely things like kindness and getting away from the noise of the world. The whole point behind the phenomenon is comfort. It is emerging as a new business on the internet.

2. Making ASMR Videos

Not all ASMR eating or Mukbang videos are the same.

Each of them comes with different triggers and methodologies that you need to understand and learn. Make sure you concentrate on the content on which you are going to make the video.

Create content that viewers like the most. Your voice has to be soft and melodramatic that will grab the attention of the listener.

When it comes to shooting the videos, you need to have the required gadgets. While recording, keep out the noise resources such as fans and other electronics.

After you are done recording the video, you have to edit it as you can’t stream it on Facebook or YouTube right away.

It needs finishing where a useful video editing tool plays a significant role. If you are recording on your iPhone, you can use FilmoraGo. This makes your job less cumbersome. It is a platform that is easy to use and is loaded with several features.

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With this software, you can Fine-Tune your adventure, add lasting effects, and perfect your aesthetics.

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