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Top 9 Watermarking Apps for Mac/iPhone

2021-04-14 18:16:20

One of the biggest problems faced by content creators these days is content theft. With the popularity of social media, there has been an increase in the flow of videos and photos. However, sharing content on social media comes with a certain risk. This is because there is nothing that can stop people from taking your videos or photos and using them as their own. 

This can be largely disappointing for someone who is putting in a lot of hard work to click those photos or create those videos. Thus, an important step to consider before uploading content is watermarking. This is how you can claim ownership. 

In case you are a content creator and don’t want your creation to be stolen, watermark it. If you want to create a watermark on Mac/iPhone, here are a few apps you can consider. 

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Section 1. Watermarking Apps for iOS Devices

1. Watermark Studio X

Want to add a watermark to your photos instantly? Use Watermark Studio X. what’s more, it is straightforward to use. The app features ample professionally designed watermarks. However, you can make your changes to the content as per your requirement. 

The other features in the app let you change the size, color, and opacity. One of the most striking aspects of the site is it lets you do whatever you want and however, you want. 

The app updates its template section from time to time. Hence, you will have something new to explore. 


  • Adds watermark instantly
  • Available for free
  • Easy to use


  • Have to choose from already created watermarks

2. A+ Signature ($1.99)

Apart from watermarking, the tool can also draw and annotate stuff over a photo. It also allows you to add your signature to the image. With the help of A+, you will be able to create photo cards and share it on different social networking platforms. So, adding autographs to an image is just a matter of a few simple steps. 


  • Can watermark and draw stuff over the photo
  • Allows you to add signature
  • Comes with a share button


  • Not available for free

3.Watermark Photo

This is another free watermark app that you can download on your iOS device. It comes with an exciting user interface that ensures a smoother user experience. With this, you can conveniently watermark your photos. 

Watermark Photo has an incredible feature that lets you add custom logos, signatures, and other elements. Hence, you are going to have perfect photos. 

Still not happy? Well, this app will let you create watermarks using your favorite font, clip art, and color. There is also an advanced text tool that helps in creating incredible typography art for your video or photo. 


  • Available for free
  • Allows you to add custom signature and logos
  • Allows you to create watermarks using your favorite font and color


  • The interface is a bit clumsy
  • The app requires time to get used to

4. iWatermark

This app is the favorite of several photographers. Once you use the app, it is easy to see why. iWatermark is easy to use. It can protect your photographs by adding watermarks and much more. This app can add logos, signature, copyright, name, and also a QR code. 

iWatermark is a high-rated and advanced app that is available for iOS, as well as Android. Although it is free to download on Android, to use on an iOS device, you have to pay $1.99. The application comes with a plethora of features that prevent photo theft. 


  • Let’s you create a watermark from scratch
  • Develop QR codes as the watermark 
  • Processes several photos simultaneously


  • Comes at a certain price

5.  ezywatermark

The app comes with classic watermarking tools such as color, opacity, size management, and placement. eZY Watermark is one step ahead of all the other tools available in the market. 

Sure, not everyone is going to like browsing through an extensive menu and the app but it comes with some impressive features. However, the tool has many advertisements that can be frustrating at times but it is a price to be paid if you have to watermark your photo for free. This is a very simple tool. 

If you want to get rid of the advertisements, you can always get a hold of the premium version. 


  • fresh and intuitive
  • Plenty of import and export options
  • Diverse colors and fonts
  • Available for free


  • Too many ads 

Section 2. Watermarking Apps for Mac Devices


The watermark tool for Mac comes with batch processing capabilities. The best thing about the app is it can handle hundreds and dozens of images simultaneously. However, this is not the only advantage. The tool has a three-step wizard that makes it easy to use. So, you just have to add the photos, make the changes, and choose the output folder and format. The tool then automatically applies the edits to the whole photo batch. 

With the tool, you can add text, as well as logo marks. This gives you control over their looks. BatchPhoto isn’t just about photo marking. It comes with a wide array of features for your benefit. 

You can download it for free. However, to enjoy more features, you have to buy the premium version. 


  • Versatile in input and output formats
  • Handles a dozen images at once
  • Gives you complete control over the images


  • Doesn’t have a ZIP output format


This is a simple video editor from Wondershare. You can download and install the application for free. It is the best video editing software for adding logos and watermarks.

It allows you to add pictures and texts to photos for business and personal use. With the built-in text effect, the tool makes the watermark unique. 

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Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version


  • Available for free
  • Exports to Facebook and other video formats easily
  • Uses built-in text to make watermark unique


  • Social media importing is buggy

8.PhotoMarks ($4.99)

This tool is an effective solution to batch watermark images on Mac. The tool has a clean interface that makes the whole process easy and fast. All you have to do is drag and drop the photos, add the edits you prefer, and choose the format and folder to save the photos. 


  • Comes with a fully customizable logo and text marks
  • Let’s you add special effects
  • Also has a mobile version to watermark photos on iPad or iPhone. 


  • Not available for free. 


This is photo watermark software available for Mac. It gives you a live preview of each step you take. With this tool, you can get access to multiple watermarks. Also, you can customize and create your own watermark. To make things easier for you, it lets you save the watermark you create to use it again later. 


  • Adds watermark in a few minutes
  • Let’s you add QR code to images
  • Offers image preview


  • Doesn’t have many features as the others on the list


While it is easy to take pictures and post them online, including a watermark on the images will keep them from being stolen. The above apps will let you do that easily using your iOS or Mac device. 

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