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How to Make a Green Screen Video on iPhone

2021-06-23 15:18:19

Professionals use various kinds of background effects to determine the quality of your videos and photos. Among the many, majority of the award-winning videos use green screens for the backgrounds which they later edit using software tools.

However, it is shocking to see how the internet is flooded with such poorly edited videos, photos, and movies despite several free and paid green screen video editing apps.

Perhaps, individuals may think they may require a huge crew or expensive cameras to edit the green screen background videos, but fortunately,it is simple.

Now you can just use your iPhone to make the screen video and create spectacular effects on your own. Let’s introduce you a few green screen iPhone applications that can help you edit the videos effortlessly.

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Which Applications Support Editing Green Screen Videos?

Before we discuss the iPhone green screen applications, understand that these software tools are used by filmmakers, photographers, videographers, and other professionals to create unique backgrounds. There are several apps that can work well on the new while only a few can be used online. Most of them are required to be downloaded. 

Other than just replacing the green background in the photos and videos, these green screen apps help cut down the color pixels from the video, shade regions of interest and edit effects to enhance the video quality.

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3.  Veescope Live Green Screen App for iPhone [Free]

This is one of the iPhone green screen video editing software tools that is considered for real-time videos. It can be easily used in all types of iOS devices, it comes free of cost. Users can simply download it from the Apple Store and edit the images and videos using the Chroma feature. This app is highly recommended for those journalists who deliver live weather forecast news. They can simply change the backgrounds to fit in any location.  

This app comes with a mote feature to switch the desired backgrounds. It supports 4K and Ultra HD resolution photos and videos. Some of the pros and cons of the application include: 


    Ability to overlay up to 20 different backgrounds

    Easy-to-use the adjustable light exposure and white balance

    Best app for any background green screen color

    Zooming feature assists in previewing complete project details


    The free of cost software comes with a watermark

    Redo or undo feature doesn’t work on the timeline

2.  KineMaster for iPhone [Free]

Being a powerful green screen iPhone video editing tool, KineMaster’s Chroma Key function can assist in overlaying videos, photos, and texts. Professionals who require free green screen iPhone app should consider this one as it has several features including alpha mask which is hardly in any apps.


Another advantage you can get by using this app is its multilayer effect permitting users to lay images, texts, and video clips at once. The app comes with watermark in the free version but those who want to remove can simply subscribe to the premium plan and also enjoy unlimited export of 4K resolution backgrounds.  


    Ability to create multilayer videos

    Go-to app for sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms

    Over 100 of video clips, stickers, video backgrounds, music clips, and transitions

    Contains speed controls, EQ presents, and preview features


    Incompatibility with Mac, only for smartphones including iPhone

    The current version is malfunctioning

1.  Wondershare FilmoraX for MAC (Recommended by Experts) 

Price: Free 

Those who want to edit the green screen on Mac find no better option than Wondershare FilmoraX. It is one of the best software tools which has the green screen effect containing various options of virtual backgrounds to overlay during the video-making procedure. 

Along with the exceptional green screen feature, the app comes with hundreds of HD royalty-free video backgrounds, making it a perfect video editor for you.    


    Includes 4K resolution editing support

    Comes with various Chroma key background options

    Involves video and audio controls with video stabilization

    Comprises of audio mixer and split-screen

    Ability layer multiple video clips

    Easy for beginner level individuals with an er-friendly interface


    Doesn’t contain storyboard mode

    Availability of overlay in only free version

Steps for Editing Green Screen on Mac Using FilmoraX

Editing the green screen background on iPhone using one of the best software tools, FilmoraX is simple. All you need to do is to follow the below steps to edit the green screen.

Step 1: Download Wondershare FilmoraX

To begin using the FilmoraX software, you can choose from the premium or free trial version and install in your iPhone. As soon as you are done with the installation process, it is time to double-click the icon to open. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Step 2: Import the Desired Video and Background to the Timeline

Now you can import the required green screen video on the software tool and download it. You can choose from the various background options to select one of your choices. Drag the video onto track 2 and background footage on track 1 so that your green screen video appears right on the top. 

Step 3: Start Editing the Green Screen Background

In order to effectively edit the green screen background, the Chroma Key editing features will be used in this step. You can double click on the green screen video to see the various types of editing effects. On the pop-up menu, you can click the “Chroma Key” option. Here, you can use the editing panel to make and set the appearance that best fits with the audience. 

Step 4: Export and Save the Video

After editing the video as per your choice, you can click on “Export” to save your created green screen video. Individuals having an account can easily do so. On the other hand, the ones who don’t have an account can create it for themselves to be able to access the “Find Target” option. Click on the option to select wherever you saved the video.


There are several green screen apps that claim to create exceptional and high-quality videos and also award-winning photos like Hollywood but individuals must be smart enough to choose the reliable one.

Wondershare FilmoraX is one such credible video editing software tool that can be downloaded in your iPhone and provide various types of background overlay options for your green screen video using the Chrome Key function.

Download it today and make captivating photos and videos, following the listed steps to impress your audience! 

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