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2021-04-07 10:49:54

Today Instagram has upgraded its platform to providing live stories, 24- hour Instagram stories, reels, and slideshows.

Instagram slideshows imply multiple-picture content to one Instagram post. This particular feature has provided an easy-going opportunity for brands to engage their audience with different content at a go.

Putting together multiple pictures in a slideshow could seem easy right?

Yeah very easy.

But how about making your slideshow stand out? To create a stunning slideshow on Instagram, you need the right filter, aesthetic and high-quality photo to make your page pop.

This article is going to provide you with the easiest way to make a striking slideshow on Instagram that gives your page an aesthetic look.

Keys For Making An Aesthetic Slideshow On Instagram(Three-stages)

Cluttering your Instagram page and spamming your audience with the same photo but different styles is a huge Instagram don’t.

No one wants to see a repetitive picture all over a page. That is why you can clutter your desired contents together into a slideshow. 

One amazing aspect of the slideshow on Instagram is how intrigued it gets your audience.

The first image out of the multiple ones determines how fast the likes are going to be rolling in with your audience never get enough of your content.

There are three stages involved in getting a good slideshow for Instagram.

  1. The High Quality Of The Photos Always Is The King Of Social Media
  2. Production of your Slideshow
  3. The final step is to send out your exquisite masterpiece.

Stage1. The High Quality Of The Photos Always Is The King Of Social Media

Every post has its unique photography. To create a stunning slideshow on Instagram, you’ll need to take high-quality photos.

Working out what makes an alluring and outstanding photograph is something not everyone has an idea about. It takes time and mastery to perfect the art of photography.

The process of making a pleasing picture involves a lot of technicality and factors to take into consideration such as;

  • Sharpness and focus of the camera

Your camera needs to be focused on the key element being taken, which makes the image clear with high details and contrast.

  • Good light exposure.
Instead of using your camera's flash, take advantage of every natural light you can find.

It’s no secret that sunlight is the perfect light for daytime pictures. Makeup mogul and master at taking the perfect pictures, Kylie Jenner shared one of her favorite tips to get the best picture for her Instagram page is the sun lighting.

For nighttime pictures, the source for the best natural light possible, avoid the use of flash at night, for it ruins a picture quality.

Another factor to consider is the photo settings. The three basic keys to capturing a great visual is the aperture, the shutter speed, and the ISO.

These three elements are essential to the operation of a camera and play a role in the other factors mentions above. With these three factors set in place, your photo is going to be Instagram-worthy content.

Stage2. Production of your Slideshow

The second stage after taking a high-quality photo is the production of your slideshow. To make your slideshow stand out and be the first thing your new audience taps while visiting your page is to LET GOOD VIDEO EDITORS AND PHOTO EDITING SOFTWARE MAKE YOU SHINE.

You’ll need a powerful video editing app with rich resources such as the FilmoraGo.

At the production stage, your slideshow's quality is affected by transitions, filters, stickers, and background music.

FilmoraGo is an easy, user-friendly, convenient video editing app with tons of unique features that stand out from all other video editing apps out there and the best news is, it’s free!

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For example, you can slow or speed up your videos, split long videos into short clips, merge various videos into one, add transitions effect, text and titles, trendy aesthetic filters, and other elements with an end result that could earn you an Oscar for the best slideshow on Instagram.

You can also add music to your slideshow extraordinary by choosing any song of your choice from the 10 million music libraries FilmoraGo has in store.

Stage3. The final step is to send out your exquisite masterpiece.

Before putting out your masterwork, choose an appropriate publishing time (for example, 9-10 pm). Make the caption as cheerful and relaxed as possible, with emoji, tags, and @friends to keep your audience engaged.

With these steps, you can bet your comment section is going to be filled with questions on how you created such a spectacular work.

Get people reposting and sharing your slideshow on Instagram by visiting the app store and downloading FilmoraGo on your iPhone.

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