How to Edit the Filter on Videos for Instagram?

2021-06-25 11:01:26

Social media enthusiasts love capturing Instagram-worthy moments. They enhance their photos and videos using unique filters. Some editors use filters from editing applications while others choose to use thousands of Instagram story filters hidden right inside the app.

These filters, effects, and themes give Instagram photos and videos a completely new, upgraded, and edited look and feel. Such effects include a wide variety of tones, shades, colors, and features to choose from. So, it is easy to pick up and begin using a filter of one’s choice and shoot. 

This blog series will be helpful for vloggers and all social media influencers who capture photos and videos every time and require the use of Instagram filters. We will help you identify unique filters on Instagram and one of the most recommended video editing apps – Wondershare FilmoraGo. 

Part1. How to Record Videos and Edit Aesthetic Filters on Instagram?

Instagram can help users in recording videos and even adding appealing filters and effects. Thanks to the AR creators, there are various filters that even celebrities use to keep their fans updated. 

Step No. 1: Make a Video on Instagram

Launch the Instagram app, hit “+” and select the “Story” option to record a video. After making the video, you can add your favorite filter. You will find several filters in the Instagram app by swiping on the right.

You can try out any filter you like. In the following steps, we will discuss a few popular filters.

Step No. 2: Add a Filter in the Recorded Video

You may have seen celebrities creating their stories and using Instagram filters, you can do the same. Use the most exciting filters to upgrade your stories’ content.

However, several vloggers under-utilize such cool filters and only choose the mainstream ones. Below we will discuss some of the best three filters for amazing Instagram stories. Visit “Effect Gallery” to find the appealing effects.

Users can find the option by swiping all the way to the right of the carousel until they land on the “Browse Effects” option, represented by a magnifying glass.

Those who want to create filter-style effects, they should choose “Colors and Light” and “Camera Styles” channel in Effects Gallery. Users can select any AR effect that falls under this category, including high-grain effects, retro-inspired and even cinematic filters.

After saving these filters, they will appear to the left of your camera capture button when you open the Instagram Stories camera.

  • Filter 1 – Moody tones from thaifurtado

Retro photos and vintage filters have continued to trend again and now that it’s on Instagram too, it feels like this style isn’t going anywhere. If you like the antique look, the thaifurtado is the go-to filter for a fool-proof traditional look. 

  • Filter 2 – Cinematic by ilhamrofiqi

Offering the touches of old-hollywood theme, this Cinematic filter by @ilhamrofiqi does the mentioned job, providing a vintage movie feel. From white grayscale tone, black to rustic yellow effects, this filmic like filter is great for easy and quick edit.

  • Filter 3 – Boho Filters by janmahaven

Boho is one of the most selected filters by social media influencers. Usually it is chosen by those individuals who want to give a warm feel to their photos. Packed with gentle contrast and warm tones, it displays fall hues. If you are looking for a subtle and light filter for your posts, check janmahaven’s collection of filters. 

Step No. 3: Save the Edited Video

After adding the required filters in the video, save the clip. Click on the arrow facing downwards to save it for the future and view it in your album. 

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Part2. How to Add Chic Filters to Your Recorded Videos and Share Them to Instagram?

Several vloggers choose to use a good video software editing tool to edit their clips. One such exceptional editor is Wondershare FilmoraGo which social media influencers can use on the go. It supports iOS and Android phones and works offline. So, all those editors who wish to edit the videos instantly including, filters and effects, can use this application. 

Wondershare FilmoraGo has various filters that users can use in the videos to leave their audience amazed. With this advanced application, you can include effects and filters for your Instagram stories.

Those filters can create cohesive on-brand content, aligning with your brand’s image. The application contains filters such as cyberpunk and 3D LUT. Here are a few steps that you should follow to add filters to the recorded videos.

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Step No. 1: Add the Video in the FilmoraGo App 

Import the video by clicking on the “New Project” option. 

Select the video you recorded before, the video will appear on the FilmoraGo app’s interface. 

Step No. 2: Select the Desired Filter

Click on the video on the timeline, and a purple box will appear on the video

At the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘filter’ button

Use the filter depending on the type of the video. Some of the popular FilmoraGo filters that vloggers use are listed below. On the interface, you will find multiple filters for the photos and videos. 

Under that option, you will find categories of filters such as PRESET, Contemporary, INSLike1, 3D LUT, Fashion, Retro, Monotone, B&W, Dream, Film, Fresh, Cyberpunk, Cinematic, Style, Vintage, and Landscape.

In each category, more effects and themes are included. Some of the most popular free filters are discussed below. 

  • Filter 1 – Retro – Amaro

This filter imitates the style and fashion from the recent past. This effect can give your photos and videos appear like something aged between 20-100 years. Providing a feel from historical days, your videos will surely make your audience reminisce memories from the days long-gone.

  • Filter 2 – Preset – F3

This black and white filter can leave a memorable mark on your clip. With the shades of grey, this filter has the right contrast and mood for your videos. This effect can play with the lighting and shadow, providing a dramatic and nostalgic touch to your footage.

  • Filter 3 – Preset – F6

Relive the past with this filter. Providing a vintage look to your photos, this effect can be soothing for your eyes and make you go down memory lane. You can add a slow-motion effect too in this filter and we bet you will watch the video all over again. 

Adjust the filters using the “Adjust” option and fix its brightness, contrast, temperature, clarity, and vignetting.

Step No. 3: Save the Video and Share it on Instagram

Lastly, save the video by exporting it and sharing it on Instagram. Click on the top right corner and hit “Export”. Once the complete video is exported, you can share it with your Insta family as a story or a feed.

Download the latest Wondershare FilmoraGo for your iOS or Android smartphone today and edit your Insta videos on the go!

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