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2021-04-07 10:48:39

Almost every big movie made these days use green-screen effects, even if it is just for one scene. The green screen has become a necessity, no matter the production size. A simple online search will display an endless number of results. However, not all of them have been priced equally and you will find variations in green screen price.

There are various factors that can affect the green screen price. Let’s take a look at them. 

1.    Screen Materials

It is the most important aspect of a green screen. So, the type of material you choose is going to have a significant effect on the green screen price. A material which stretches, eliminates wrinkles, is desirable. This is because it helps in achieving a nice and even lighting across the entire green screen. Good material isn’t too reflective. It makes sure that there is no hot spot and the green screen doesn’t reflect back to the subject. 

The price varies with the material you have chosen. 

    Paper: The background of the paper green screen tends to be fragile. Moreover, it wrinkles easily. It often reflects excessive light back. Hence, it usually comes at a low price. 


    Cotton or Muslin: These are dense materials and can absorb light. This can spare you the headaches of unwanted color spills and light. Nevertheless, the drawback of this is its wrinkles. This can be a nightmare if you have to move the screen, break it down, or move it. Nevertheless, it works well with permanent installations where you can easily steam out the creases and stretch the fabric. These are preferred by many due to their budget green screen price.


    Spandex or Nylon: The wrinkle-resistant and stretchable material can easily enhance the performance by pulling it around a frame or stretched between stands. Often the materials are too reflective. Hence, you need to watch out for any spill when you are lighting the backdrop. A majority of the kits available in the market use this kind of material. It is usually priced higher. 

2.    Brand

There are endless benefits of buying a green screen developed by a strong brand. It gives you the required peace of mind. You can enjoy happiness, comfort, and satisfaction. A green screen from a branded provider will deliver a positive experience. Brands usually provide a product warranty and offer great value for the green screen price you are paying for.

Countries: The green screen price also varies with the country that you are buying it from. A product might have a higher price value in a particular country in comparison and might be sold as a premium product 

The Price Range of Mainstream Green Screens in the Market

Tons of Green Screens are available on the market and we have taken the time to go through some of the best ones. Here are a few Green Screen options in the varying price range. 

1. Green screen under $50

  • Andoer Backdrop ($12.99)

Video producers looking for a simple backdrop that will enable them to produce Chroma Key videos without any hassle can go for Andoer Backdrop. This green screen is created out of a single piece of cloth. Its edges are crimped. So, there are fewer chances of it tearing.  If you plan on using Andoer Backdrop, you have to make sure you have all the required equipment to produce a green screen video. For this green screen, you will only have to pay $12.99. It is one of the cheapest green screen you can buy. 


  • Fancierstudio Green Screen Background  ($49.99)

If you are looking for a budget option, you can go for Fancierstudio Green Screen Background. It is available at a price of $49.99. Amateur, as well as professional video creators, look for a green screen that they can adjust as per the demand of the video that they are working on. This is one such green screen. The support bars and the aluminum tripods will allow you to change the background support system’s height. Thus, it easily fits the scene that you are shooting. 


Fancierstudio Green Screen comes with a 6x9 feet green screen muslin background which is ideal for gaming and YouTube videos using the Chroma Key effect. You can use these green screen effects on the interior and exterior locations. 

  • SquarePerfect 4037 Professional  ($44.74)

People looking for a green screen that is easy to set up should consider SquarePerfect 4037 Professional. You just have to place it on support. Nevertheless, its background support stand isn’t included in the offer. It is the ideal solution for all types of online videos that depend on the Chroma Key effect due to its size, enabling little to no movement in the shot. Its rod pockets will help in keeping the background straight. Thus, you can easily concentrate on what is going on in the shot. The green screen comes at a cheap price of $44.74. 


2. $50 to $100 green screen

  • CRAPHY PhotoStudio Umbrella Lighting Kit

Albeit this is a photography kit, you can also use it for creating the Chroma Key effect in the videos that don’t involve enough green screen action. Like the name suggests, it includes 2 translucent 33-inch white umbrellas, 2 photo studio light stands, and 2 bulb holders. In the kit, you will also find 3 cotton backdrops in white, green, and black color.

Every backdrop is 6x9 inches. Thus, they are just perfect for studio photography. It comes with collapsible backdrop holders. Hence, you can adjust them as per the demands of the project that you are working on. This is a mid-range green screen and costs $81.99. 


3.Green screen over $100

  • ePhoto Chromakey Green Screen Background Stand Kit

While you are filming a video, during the production process, the size of the green screen matters, particularly if the recording has enough on-screen action. This is the reason Elgato Collapsible is the top Chroma Key panels available in the market. This is because it offers enough room for the actors to move around. Elgato

Green Screen is wrinkle-free and has the pneumatic X-Frame which can automatically lock the screen in the chosen position. To make things better, the green screen is optimized for Chroma Keying. However, to enjoy all these, you will have to pay a price as high as $159.95. 


Chroma Key offers ample opportunities that haven’t been explored yet. Hence, you can use this effect to experiment with various backgrounds and get unexpected results. 


However, before you start to shoot the video, you need to ensure that the footage is perfectly captured. For this, you need a wrinkle-free surface. But this is not all. You also need good software like FilmoraX to edit your videos. With this, you will be able to create impeccable footage. It comes with a plethora of features that will help in making your video unique.

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