Video Transition: 30+ cool effects to make a smooth transition video

2021-06-21 11:27:08

A video is never complete without a video transition. 

Video transitions are one of those video editing tools needed for a cool video.

We all know a movie isn’t complete without adequate editing.

Thorough editing involves not only eliminating the bloopers and awkward clips but also inserting the necessary editing features to make that movie a big blockbuster!

A video transition takes your video to the next level of creativity and coolness.

Video transitions are video effects that give each video clip of a footage a different color effect.

They are like mini slideshows or you could say video loops but with a dazzling color effect that accompanies your clips.

There are tons of ways to access video transition for your video but the best and simplest way would be using FilmoraGo.

This article is going to cover;

Let’s bring out the creativity in you! Read on!

FilmoraGo continuously updates the free transition effect

FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use video editor. Furnished with powerful yet simple editing tools, advanced features, and tons of ways to bring out the creative side you never knew you had.

FilmoraGo provides you with a platform to create music videos, go Hollywood style and make your own movies and share them with the world.

Amongst its effective features is the video transition effect.

FilmoraGo has four transition effects with several preset effects underneath each transition.

The transition effect include;

  • Mosaic which is like a blur effect that overlaps the clips with different pixel effect.

FilmoraGo mosaic transition effect has a total of five supported effects.

These five effects are mainly the transition of the mosaic effect, including the mosaic effect of expanding, reducing or blurring the display. 

This kind of special effect is suitable for the cool style of a video.

  • Dissipate video transition effect gives your video a vanishing effect for each clip accompanied with a different color effect.

This transition effect has nine supported effects.

Each of these nine preset is of different vanishing color effects.


There are suitable if you want to make a cool, mysterious vibe kind of video.

  • Fisheye roll is a special type of transition effect that gives your video a tumbling down effect.

Fisheye roll has a total of eight supported effects.

The Fisheye roll effect is suitable for sports-type of videos.

  • The simple roll effect gives your video a scrolling past pictures on a phone.

This effect supports twelve transition presets.

You could use it for your nature videos or cool style videos.

The video transition effects on FilmoraGo are updated monthly so you can’t get tired of being creative with FilmoraGo.

Steps to adding cool transitions effect to your videos on FilmoraGo

Step 1: Install FilmoraGo from the App store.

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Step 2: Tap on the “materials” option.

Step 3: Tap on the “transition” option to access the video transition effect.

Step 4: Click on the transition you are interested in, and you will see all the effects supported under this type of transition

Step 5: Click the purple download button, when the download is complete, "✔" will be displayed. 

At this time, the transition effect you downloaded is ready to use

Step 6: Click "×" in the upper left corner to close the interface, return to the editing timeline, click "new project" to import two or more videos

Step 7: Click the white button at the junction of the two videos, the available transition effects will be automatically displayed below.

Select the transition effect you downloaded, and you will be able to preview the transition effect

Step8: After the addition is complete, you can drag the slider to set the display time of the transition (swipe to the left to shorten the transition time, and slide to the right to extend the transition time). 

You can also click "Apply to all" to apply the transition effect to all video junctions. After completing the settings, click the "<" button that represents the return

Step 8: if satisfied, export and share your video.


Video transitions are a necessity for every video. Not only do they make your videos cool, they tell the world just how creative you are.

These transition effects are simple to maneuver and add to your videos. You can get creative by adding tons of them to your videos each month they are updated on FilmoraGo.

Some might find video editing a little difficult to handle but with FilmoraGo you’ve got no difficulty and nothing to lose due to its intuitive timeline that makes video editing an easy job.

FilmoraGo is free to download from the App Store and its functions are also free to use.

Still, doubting your creative side? Add FilmoraGo to your bucket list.

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