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2021-06-30 17:09:07

The right video and audio editing apps can make all the difference when you are trying to polish the raw videos you’ve shot and the audios you’ve recorded. Be it documentaries, movies, or simple memories that you want to treasure on a DVD, the kind of editing apps you use will determine the quality of your files.

That being said, there are a plethora of options available on the internet. It is easy to get confused. To make your work easier, we’ve brought to you the best video sound editor apps that you can use on your iPhone.

  1. 3 best free video sound editors for iPhone
  2. How to edit sound with FilmoraGo on iPhone

Part1. Three best free video sound editors for iPhone

Here are the top picks. These Video Sound Editor apps are easy to use, have a user-friendly interface and have the best features in their kitty.

Option 1 - FilmoraGo - Video and Audio Editing App

The FilmoraGO application is used essentially for editing the videos for further use. However, if you intend to add audio to the video files, you can do that using FilmoraGO.

Before you can add the audio files, FilmoraGO lets the users edit the audio files and polish them to suit the video in question. The app has all the tools under one roof and by following three simple steps, you can come to the audio editing interface.

The app can be used on iOS devices as well as Mac. All the features are functional in both setups. To top that, the software also lets you deal with live recordings and denoising extremely disturbing files.


  • Adjusting/Amplifying/Muting Audios
  • Denoising existing voice snippet
  • Neutralizing and editing the live recording
  • Create special sound effects
  • Replacing original audio of the video
  • Edit background noises and lengthen/shorten the snippets


  • It is extremely easy to use
  • The tools are functional on Mac and iOS Mobiles
  • Can edit both audio and video
  • Quick Audio preview
  • Offers multiple effects


  • You cannot download the audio separately or only edit the audio and not add it to a video.

Cost: Free

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Option 2 - iMovie Apps

This is a popular choice for all iOS users and many are aware of it too. It is a brilliant tool that works on Mac and iPhones.

It is used to create apt audio and video snippets that will combine together to tell the best stories to the world! It is compatible, has sufficient tools and even a beginner can place his bets on it.


  • This video sound editor is great to create custom elements
  • You can add special effects to the audio
  • Multi-effect options
  • Audio stabilization
  • Speed and Volume adjustments


  • Very easy to use when you get a hang of it
  • A few clicks to get desired results
  • The sensitivity of toggles is strong enough to make precise moves


  • When you are using it on an iPhone, you won’t be having access to all the features that appear on the Mac screen.

Cost: Free

Option 3 - Splice Audio and Video Editor

If you are a Social Media enthusiast and often upload videos on the platform, then you should consider Splice for editing.

You can chop your videos and trim your audios to suit them. You can mix and match the audio files so that you can create an audio snippet that can sync well with the video. It is one of the highest-rated apps for editing audios on Mobile devices - both iOS and Android.



  • Trim and Crop audio files
  • In-build audio library
  • Use audio saved on iTunes
  • Apply effects and multi-effect options


  • Conveniently change the audio volume and speed
  • Quick trimming and editing of video files
  • Very suitable for clubbing music - something you would need in a video sound editor when you are working on videos for social media


  • In-app audio sources are not Royalty-Free

Cost: Free


Part2. How to edit sound with FilmoraGo on iPhone

FilmoraGO is the video sound editor that works on both iOS and Android devices. Compared to other options in the market, it has some of the best features and also a smooth interface. If you see iMovie, the interface is a little complicated and Splice is not a great option for editing movies. That brings us back to the first option - FilmoraGO. Here’s how easy it is to work with it.

Adding the audios

Once you launch the FilmoraGO software, you can either fetch music from the in-built library and edit them or go for audio files on your iTunes. This is how you can edit them-

Videos from the in-built library of FilmoraGO

Step 1: Launch the video sound editor - FilmoraGO. At the bottom, select the Music Icon


Step 2: Another page opens and you’ll see several options at the bottom. Select the ‘Music’ option again from the list displayed.


Step 3: Browse through the music files that are present on the app and download the one that you like. 

Step 4: You will find a plus sign and heart sign next to audio - click plus for adding to video and heart for accessing later.


Add from the iTunes

The simple route to add from iTunes is -

Music Icon > iTune Option > Let FilmoraGO access files from iTunes > Choose audio > Edit.

Editing the Audio Files

The first task of adding the audio files is done. Now, you can go ahead and tweak the audio.

On the timeline, click on the audio file that you added to the video. The audio editing interface will open. Now, you will see that the options are displayed at the bottom.

These include fading effects, multiple-special effects, copying and deleting audio clips, adjusting the volume and speed of the video. You can completely mute the video or even mark the drop of the beat. Everything will be displayed at the bottom of the iPhone screen. 

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When you are looking for a good video sound editor, keep your eyes open for the software that best suits your demands. If you are editing a movie and need suns for that, you’ll need to rely on other software and not the ones that are custom-made for social media short audio edits.

FilmoraGo is useful for editing video files of all sorts. It is a wholesome software that is completely free and offers, even more, when you decide to take up monthly membership. With Royalty-free audio clips and an easy download system, you can explore all the new options that are available on the platform.

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