How to add sound effects to a video on iPhone

2021-11-05 14:39:33

Sound effects blend into the background of the video and bring out the focusing point to the audience’s notice. For instance, you might be talking about the lifecycle of a Lion - The roar from the mighty animal will prick their interest. If you are a gamer, the adrenaline is pumped when the sounds of tip-tap-booms go around.

That is why you need to have the proper tools to incorporate sound effects into your well-made videos. And you can do that with your iPhone too. Here’s how you can add sound effects to a video on iPhone.

 Part 1: Types Of Sound Effects You May Be Interested In

The type of sound effect you use will greatly transform the quality of your video. Imagine a boy running with zombies behind him, add a little bit of splash, ahhh and bam here and there - Viola! Viewers love it! But it depends upon the type of video you are making and your personal preferences. Here are a few options that you might be interested in.

  • Sounds from nature

These include the famous splitter-splatter of rain on the roof, the thunder's growling, and the winds howling. The simple chippering of the birds, the flapping of the wings, crickets whispering to each other behind the grass, everything counts as nature’s own spectacle. You can choose to add these to your videos.

  • Everyday Hustle

The tires screeching when you make a sudden halt, the dogs barking, the horns honking in the traffic, or someone running on the pavement - you can add sound effects to a video that closely resembles what’s happening around you. You can also create a LoFi effect for ASMR aesthetics.

  • Unique and customized sounds

These are made specially to fit into the scenario of a video. Let’s say, the wine bottle breaking, the specific cartoon sounds, fantasy air-whoosh, or any sci-fi techno-sounds. These are tailor-made to match videos and sometimes come with royalty-free options on some sites.

  • Foley sounds

These are the sound effects that are smartly synchronized with the series of events in the video. Like a fight scene where the bones are breaking and the coffee pot drops down to the floor. Or James bond has just set his Gun to shoot someone far? The rustling of leaves, the ripple of the water waves or even moving some bushes aside - these are subtle actions that are often blended with dialogues or scenes. You’ll find these more in the horror videos.

  • Ambiance setters

These are the sounds that will help create the ambiance of a place. For instance, you walk into a jungle - all the possible sounds that you can hear from this place. If you are in a market, the chatters of the crowd, the bargaining, the movement, and the footsteps - everything is overlapped to create the right environment.

  • Sound Snippets

These are the musical snippets that create a connection with the audience. You will mostly find people adding these sounds in movies or short films. These are tranquil tunes or theme music that create the emotion and establish an individual personality for the movie.

You can choose any and add sound effects to a video in a way that enhances the quality of the final product. We will learn how to add the audio snippets to a video from the following sections.

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Part 2: Add sound effects to video with FilmoraGo Resource

One of the best ways to add sound effects to a video is by using a trusted software that can help you with proper editing. To make sure your video is engaging the listeners, a sound effect quality plays a very crucial role.

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In the below section we will explain stepwise how you can add the sound effect to your video using the FilmoraGo resource.

Step 1: Import the video you want to add the sound effect.


Step 2: Under the editing, interface tap the icon ‘music’ and further choose ‘effect’ at the bottom option screen.


Step 3: Once you tap the effect, it will present you with various options, choose the one you like to download by clicking on the plus icon as shown in the picture below. Once the download is complete you can listen to the sound.


Step 3: You can move on listening to other sound options that you want to incorporate in your video, just tap the plus icon.


Note: You can even store it in your favorite list by tapping on the heart icon.


That is how you use the FilmoraGO sounds for your videos. But what if you want to add your own/gallery sound effects to the video file? You can learn about it in the next section.

Part 3: Add sound effects to a video with your own sound

If you are planning to use the iTunes library, all you need to do is allow FilmoraGo to access it. It will scan the audio files in your iTunes library and list them for you to choose from. Just tap the plus icon and choose your favorite audio file to insert it in the video.

Part 4: Add sound effects to a video with your dubbing

If you want to dub your videos with your own voice, then you will have to pre-record your dialogues or sound effects before adding them to your video. You have to take a special interest in maintaining the right synchrony. How do you do that?

We are going to add sound effects to a video on iPhone using the existing audio on your phone or something you have recorded to give it a more personal touch. 

Step 1: Once you are under the video edit interface, you can choose the ‘Record’ option.


Step 2: Move the video on the timeline, and choose where you would want to insert the voiceover effect. Just hold the record button at the bottom to start the recording. Once done simply release the long hold and you are done recording.


Step 3: Once recorded you will notice a timeline voiceover, you can tap on it to edit and adjust as per your need.

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And that’s how easy it is to add sound effects to a video without disturbing the quality of the video and using your very own iPhone. The sound can be picked up from an existing collection that the application already has or you can pick it from any external source. If you dub your voice, you need to be a little more careful to maintain the continuity and sync.

These 3 methods will let you create a new video that you can use as memory, upload to any platforms or you can even edit Movies and Short Films using FilmoraGO. The software is very useful for both beginners and advanced video makers.

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