How to add music to YouTube video with FilmoraGo

2021-11-05 14:39:21

Want to add music to YouTube videos? You are just in the right place.

The perfect background music can take a YouTube video to newer heights of reach and viewer engagement. Not only will it bring your scenes to life but also connect to your audience on an emotional level.

And thankfully, there are a plethora of music tracks you can choose from to add and compliment your YouTube video.

From cheerful, upbeat songs to instrumental melodies, there is always something for every video type. This article will show you how to add music to YouTube video using a handy tool and even where to find music resources for free.

But first things first, what music rightfully belongs to your footage?

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Part1.Tips for picking the best music for video

When it comes to inserting audio into video clips, the right music can mean the difference between creating a beautifully engaging and an unpleasant, unprofessional video.

Whether it's helping inspirational videos send shivers down the spine or adding a touch of love to your wedding footage, there are so many music choices. And while there isn't rocket science for choosing the best soundtrack for your video, it is an art.

So, to teach you the art of picking the best music for your next YouTube video, here are a few tips and tricks to guarantee an easy and mere experience.

TIP 1 – Understand the type and goal of your video

Your YouTube video has a goal. Maybe it's a motivational video with a message for your audience or a marketing video with a plan to drive traffic to your site. Or perhaps you want it to be a subtle informative video for your schooling YouTube channel.

Regardless, search for a music track that best fits your video type and evokes the video's emotional tone. It is only after a video feels exciting and essential that viewers make (purchasing) decisions. 

TIP 2 – Decide the role of the music in your video

You see some videos with subtle background music that is uplifting yet discreet; then you see videos with upbeat soundtracks that set the mood. Before deciding on a track, ask yourself what role you want the music to play in your video?

If you wish to transmit detailed information, choose a piece of background music that will not overcrowd the rest of the audio. On the flip side, if you aim to deliver broad and more generalized information without any voice-overs, go for music that unleashes energy and matches the video's pace.

TIP 3 – Determine the mood

Once you know the goal of your video and the role of the soundtrack in it, determine what mood you want to set for your viewers. Some YouTube videos are cheerful and optimistic.

Others set a powerful and aggressive tone. At the same time, others bring feelings of empathy. Keeping in mind how you want your viewers to feel while watching your content, pick and add music to YouTube video with appropriate mood.

TIP 4 – Select the genre that speaks to your audience

Understandably, you can be overwhelmed with the limitless array of music choices. However, a smart move is to think about your target audience and narrow down a musical genre that best suits them. That is, if your video is aimed at young demographic like teenagers, rock and hip-hop genres are your best bet.

Obviously, a video for a young audience playing with classical or corporate genre music sounds unconvincing. Likewise, if you are trying to attract parents with kids, cheerful music tracks will yield good results.

Part2.How to get a music resource library

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of websites with millions of music genres and tracks out there. However, finding quality soundtracks that are free and available for use for sophisticated projects can be challenging. But never fear, because we scoured the internet and found a rich music resource library for you.

Now, you can find the perfect background music for your YouTube video at FilmoraGo, without the fear of violating licensing.

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Wondershare FilmoraGo is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editor designed with a creative suite of video editing tools. With FilmoraGo, you can turn raw footage into cinematic masterpieces in just a few taps.

To draw extra attention and better communicate with your target audience, FilmoraGo allows you to add music to YouTube videos with ease.

To top it all, FilmoraGo offers an extensive royalty-free music library with over 10,000 music resources to choose from. And not just that, this tool allows you to download more than 800 music tracks to listen to and insert in your video to create stunning clips for free.

You can choose from 1000+ different styles of music, including rhythmic, healing, brisk, and much more. All in all, with FilmoraGo making a video with trendy music and effects is easier than ever.

Part3.Steps to add music to YouTube video with FilmoraGo

Now that you know a handy, powerful video editing tool, it's time to get creative. Using Wondershare FilmoraGo is very easy and intuitive, with only a few simple steps. To help you even further, here we have a quick step-by-step guide to show you how you can add music to YouTube video.

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare FilmoraGo App

First, download the FilmoraGo video editor from Google play or the app store. Once downloaded, launch the app. To import your video, click on New Project.


Step 2: Go to the music resource library

On the video editing pane, tap the Music icon located on the bottom left of the screen. Then, hit Online Music to enter the extensive music library.


Step 3: Choose the right music for your video

Scroll down and navigate the royalty-free music library to find a song that best compliments your video. To download the selected music, hit the inverted arrow icon in front of the track. After the download is complete, you can tap the music to listen to it.


Step 4: Add music to YouTube video

Now, click on the Plus icon on the right of the music track to insert it into your video clip. You can also tap the Heart icon to add the song to the favorite list for future use. Adjust the length and position of the music track to match the pace of your video.


Once all the edits are completed, your video clip is ready to stand out on your YouTube channel. For a better user experience, FilmoraGo supports high-quality export to your phone and even direct sharing to various social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Follow these steps to save and share your content with your audience.

Step 5: Save the video to your phone

To save your edited video on your phone, tap the Export button located on the top right corner of the editing interface. Customize your export settings by selecting the required video resolution and the FPS (frames per second). Then again, hit Export to complete the process.

Note: Do not close the app or lock the phone until the video downloading process is not completed.

Step 6: Directly share to YouTube

Finally, you can share your music video with your YouTube channel. Other options available are social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Just click on YouTube, and your video will be instantly posted on your account.

And it's a wrap.

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Music gives flight to imagination and life to everything. Music videos have taken the social world by storm. Whether big or small, all kinds of businesses are using music videos to strengthen their marketing strategies. Professional filmmakers are winning the battleground of social media by adding interesting music tracks and sound effects to their footage.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best music for your YouTube video content, and don't forget to try the handy tool FilmoraGo to add music to YouTube video.

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